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You may search the Population Index database for 1986-2000 (46,035 citations) by author, subject, geographical region and/or year. You may also search for text anywhere in a citation, including the title, series and abstract. All of these criteria can be freely combined. Just type one or more words separated by spaces in any of the fields listed below and click on the "Search" button. The search is case insensitive, and will return citations satisfying all criteria you have specified. Online help is available.

Search Criteria
Author One or more author surnames and/or names: Coale, Fred Smith, United Nations.
Subject Keyword(s) describing the subject: fertility, health, child mortality, migration.
Region A state, country or region of the world: Alaska, Zimbabwe, Developing Countries.
One or more words appearing anywhere in a citation, including the title, series and abstract.
Year From to A year of publication (1993) or range of years (1993 to 99).
Match beginning complete Match the beginning of each word (so "East" matches East and Eastern) or complete words ("East" matches just East)?
Format short long Return bibliographic information only, or complete citation including the abstract?
Max Hits (up to 100) Limit number of citations retrieved.

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