Volume 64 - Number 4 - Winter 1998


Author Index
Geographical Index
A.General Population Studies and Theories
A.1.General Population
A.1.1.General Population--Long Studies
A.1.2.General Population--Short Studies
A.2.Population Theory
A.3.Interrelations with Other Disciplines
A.4.Textbooks and Teaching Programs
B.Regional Population Studies
B.1.Regional Demography--Long Studies
B.2.Regional Demography--Short Studies
C.Spatial Distribution
C.1.General Spatial Distribution
C.2.Urban Spatial Distribution
C.3.Rural Spatial Distribution
D.Trends in Population Growth and Size
D.1.Past Trends
D.2.Current Rates and Estimates
D.3.Projections and Predictions
D.4.Population Size and Growth
E.1.General Mortality
E.2.Prenatal and Perinatal Mortality
E.3.Infant and Childhood Mortality
E.4.Mortality at Other Ages
E.5.Life Tables
E.6.Differential Mortality
E.7.Mortality by Cause
F.1.General Fertility
F.2.Differential Fertility
F.3.Sterility and Other Pathology
F.4.Actions and Activities Directly Affecting Fertility
F.4.1.General Fertility Control and Contraception
F.4.2.Clinical Aspects and Use-Effectiveness Studies
F.4.3.Evaluation of Programs
F.4.4.Attitudes toward Fertility and Fertility Control
F.4.5.Induced Abortion
F.5.Factors Other Than Contraception Affecting Fertility
F.6.Fertility Outside Marriage
G.Nuptiality and the Family
G.1.Marriage and Divorce
G.2.Family and Household
H.1.General Migration
H.2.International Migration
H.3.Internal Migration
H.4.Settlement and Resettlement
H.5.Temporary Migration
H.6.Rural-Urban Migration
I.Historical Demography and Demographic History
I.1.General Historical Demography
I.2.Methods of Historical Demography
J.1.General Demographic Characteristics
J.2.Biological Characteristics
J.3.Economic Characteristics
J.4.Social Characteristics
J.5.Ethnic Characteristics
K.Demographic and Economic Interrelations and Natural Resources
K.1.Economic Development and Population
K.1.1.General Economic Development and Population
K.1.2.Developing Countries
K.1.3.Developed Countries
K.2.Population Growth and Natural Resources
K.3.Employment and Labor Force Participation
L.Demographic and Noneconomic Interrelations
L.1.General Social Development and Population
L.2.Demographic and Political Factors
L.3.Demographic Factors and Health
L.4.Demographic Factors and Human Genetics
M.1.General Population Policy and Legislation
M.2.Measures Affecting Fertility
M.3.Measures Affecting Migration
N.Methods of Research and Analysis Including Models
O.The Production of Population Statistics
O.1.Population Statistics, General Aspects
O.2.Registration of Vital Statistics
O.3.Population Censuses and Registers
P.Professional Meetings and Conferences
Q.Bibliographies, Directories, and Other Information Services
R.New Periodicals
S.Official Statistical Publications
T.Machine-Readable Data Files (MRDF)

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