Volume 63 - Number 3 - Fall 1997

T. Machine-Readable Data Files (MRDF)

References to data of demographic interest that are stored in machine-readable form and to computer programs and microcomputer software for demographic analysis. All MRDFs coded under this heading are cross-referenced to specific subject categories as appropriate. Articles concerned with the availability of MRDFs are also included.

63:30812 Gatley, David A. Computerising the 1861 census abstracts and vital registration statistics. Local Population Studies, No. 58, Spring 1997. 37-47 pp. Colchester, England. In Eng.
"The Victorian Census Abstracts, that is, the printed census volumes, the Annual Reports of the Registrar General and the returns of the Poor Law Commissioners are neglected sources in the study of nineteenth-century society [in England and Wales]....Until the work described in this paper, no systematic attempt had been made to create a database for most of the available sources for a single year. This has now been completed for the 1861 census. This paper will examine the value of the database to both researchers and local historians. But, first it will briefly consider the nature of the sources, their accuracy and how they were made machine-readable."
Correspondence: D. A. Gatley, Staffordshire University, School of Social Sciences, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2DS, England. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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