Volume 60 - Number 1 - Spring 1994

S. Official Statistical Publications

The publications listed include census data, sample survey data, vital statistics, yearbooks, and other primary data. Official statistics concerning specific areas other than vital data are coded under the specific topic concerned, with the exception of those in the special issue on Governmental and International Serial Publications Containing Vital Statistics (see Population Index, Vol. 61, No. 4, Winter 1995), which are coded under this heading.

60:10742 Austria. Statistisches Zentralamt (Vienna, Austria). Annual results of the microcensus, 1992. [Mikrozensus Jahresergebnisse 1992.] Beitrage zur Osterreichischen Statistik, No. 1102, 1993. viii, 172 pp. Vienna, Austria. In Ger.
Results are presented from the 1992 microcensus of Austria, together with some comparative statistics for 1989-1991. Data are included on population by age, sex, marital status, nationality, educational level, labor force participation, employment status, type of community, and state; labor force characteristics; private households; families; and housing.
Correspondence: Osterreichisches Statistisches Zentralamt, Hintere Zollamtsstrasse 2b, Postfach 9000, 1033 Vienna, Austria. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

60:10743 Hungary. Kozponti Statisztikai Hivatal (Budapest, Hungary). 1990 census of population. Main data for inhabited inner and outer regions. [1990. evi nepszamlalas. A belteruletek es a kulteruleti lakotthelyek fobb adatai.] ISBN 963-7070-33-8. 1991. 331 pp. Budapest, Hungary. In Hun.
Results from the 1990 census of Hungary are presented on spatial distribution and population size for cities, counties, and settled regions. Tabular data are provided for population size, growth, and decrease in numbers, and percent of total population by urban and rural areas. An explanation of the classifications used is included.
Correspondence: Kozponti Statisztikai Hivatal, Keleti Karoly Utca 5-7, 1525 Budapest II, Hungary. Location: New York Public Library, New York, NY.

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