Volume 60 - Number 1 - Spring 1994

P. Professional Meetings and Conferences

Proceedings of professional meetings of general demographic concern, except for proceedings coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading. Items about conferences are also classified under this heading.

60:10734 Forschunginstitut fur Anwendungsorientierte Wissensverarbeitung [FAW] (Ulm, Germany). The human picture and overpopulation. [Menschembild und Uberbevolkerung.] Wissensverarbeitung und Gesellschaft, Vol. 4, ISBN 3-927402-55-9. 1992. 228 pp. Universitatsverlag Ulm: Ulm, Germany. In Ger.
This publication contains papers from a symposium on global overpopulation. The problems of rapid population growth and overpopulation are discussed in relation to the environment and energy supply, economic needs, and the sharp contrast between the northern and southern hemispheres.
Correspondence: Universitatsverlag Ulm GmbH, Benzstrasse 12, 7900 Ulm/Donau, Germany. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

60:10735 Germany. Bundesinstitut fur Bevolkerungsforschung (Wiesbaden, Germany). Reports from the German-French working group in demography, May 18-21, 1992, in Bingen. [Referate zum deutsch-franzosischen Arbeitstreffen auf dem Gebiet der Demographie vom 18. bis 21. Mai 1992 in Bingen.] Materialien zur Bevolkerungswissenschaft, No. 79, 1993. 140 pp. Wiesbaden, Germany. In Eng; Fre; Ger.
These are selected papers presented at a German-French demographic conference held in May 1992 in Bingen, Germany. Topics covered include family norms and fertility in Europe, Romanian population policy, differential mortality in Germany, and migration policy in the European Community. The papers are in English, French, or German.
Selected items will be cited in this or subsequent issues of Population Index.
Correspondence: Bundesinstitut fur Bevolkerungsforschung, Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 6, Postfach 5528, 6200 Wiesbaden, Germany. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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