Volume 60 - Number 1 - Spring 1994

N. Methods of Research and Analysis Including Models

Studies concerned with demographic methods and with methods from other disciplines that have been applied to demographic data as a whole. Includes mathematical demography and studies on methods of estimation and indirect estimation. Methodological studies and models concerned with one demographic variable, such as migration, are coded under the category concerned with that topic and cross-referenced to this heading. Studies on models used to investigate relationships between demographic variables and for the analysis of empirical data are also coded under this heading.

60:10691 Abrahamse, Allan F.; Morrison, Peter A.; Bolton, Nancy M. Surname analysis for estimating local concentration of Hispanics and Asians. RAND Paper, No. P-7844, 1993. 25 pp. RAND: Santa Monica, California. In Eng.
The authors review existing state-of-the-art techniques for identifying persons of Hispanic or Asian origin in the United States based on the analysis of surnames distinctive to each group.
This is a revised version of a paper presented at the 1993 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America.
Correspondence: RAND, 1700 Main Street, P.O. Box 2138, Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

60:10692 Aguirre, Alejandro. The nature of the preceding birth technique. [La naturaleza del metodo del hijo previo.] Notas de Poblacion, Vol. 21, No. 57, Jun 1993. 9-57 pp. Santiago, Chile. In Spa. with sum. in Eng.
The author applies the preceding birth technique of infant mortality estimation to World Fertility Survey birth history data from a number of developing countries.
Correspondence: A. Aguirre, United Nations Childrens Fund, Mexico City, DF, Mexico. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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