Volume 60 - Number 1 - Spring 1994

L. Demographic and Noneconomic Interrelations

Studies concerned with the relations between population factors as a whole and noneconomic factors. Relations affecting a single demographic variable are coded under the variable concerned and not in this division. Studies concerned equally with economic and social factors are coded under K.1.1. General Economic Development and Population .

L.1. General Social Development and Population

Studies on interrelations with education, religion, social change, and socioeconomic status.

60:10612 Adnan, Shapan. "Birds in a cage": institutional change and women's position in Bangladesh. In: Women's position and demographic change, edited by Nora Federici, Karen O. Mason, and Solvi Sogner. 1993. 285-318 pp. Clarendon Press: Oxford, England. In Eng.
"In this chapter it is argued that recent trends of change in the position of women in Bangladesh have been, in part, impelled by a number of critical 'parametric' shifts at the macro-level, which involve economic, demographic, and socio-political factors....My principal objective is to assess the extent to which the pre-existing social and economic institutions of Bangladesh have proved to be resilient, or malleable, in the face of the varied pressures generated by the process of capitalist development."
Correspondence: S. Adnan, Winrock International, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

60:10613 Andorka, Rudolf. Implications of current demographic trends for social policy in Hungary. [A jelenlegi demografiai viszonyok hatasai a szocialpolitikara a Magyarorszagi atalakulasi folyamat tukreben.] Demografia, Vol. 36, No. 2-3, 1993. 162-71 pp. Budapest, Hungary. In Hun.
The author describes recent demographic trends in Hungary and their effects on social policy formation. The focus is on the impact of demographic aging and low fertility rates on pension values and social expenditures, including family benefits. Economic factors, including income levels and inflation rates, are also considered.
Correspondence: R. Andorka, Ady Endre 9/B, Budapest 1024, Hungary. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

L.2. Demographic and Political Factors

Studies on the political aspects of population growth, including the demographic impact of war.

60:10622 Akhter, Farida. Depopulating Bangladesh: essays on the politics of fertility. LC 92-906629. Jun 1992. 105 pp. Narigrantha Prabartana: Dhaka, Bangladesh. In Eng.
This publication contains a series of lectures, papers, and addresses given by the author at various meetings around the world since 1984. The subject is the efforts that have been made to control population growth in Bangladesh since the 1950s. The author's theme is that population control is being imposed on Bangladesh by outside authorities for political and commercial purposes, current population programs and policies infringe women's reproductive rights, and that the poor countries of the world are being blamed unfairly for the world's environmental problems. The author's general approach to these issues reflects a combination of feminism and Marxism.
Correspondence: Narigrantha Prabartana, 2/8 Sir Syed Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh. Location: University of Minnesota, Ames Library of South Asia, Minneapolis, MN.

60:10623 Blum, Alain. Soviet demographic systems. [Systemes demographiques sovietiques.] INED Dossiers et Recherches, No. 38, Dec 1992. 14, ix pp. Institut National d'Etudes Demographiques [INED]: Paris, France. In Fre.
This is the text of the presentation of a doctoral thesis on the relationship between the political system in the Soviet Union and Soviet scholars responsible for studying the country's demography. The inherent conflict between following political objectives in the study of demography and the responsibility to provide unbiased facts on which policy can be based is noted.
Correspondence: Institut National d'Etudes Demographiques, 27 rue du Commandeur, 75675 Paris Cedex 14, France. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

L.3. Demographic Factors and Health

Studies on nutrition and health, including psychological aspects and sex behavior. Studies that are concerned with the impact of these factors on fertility are coded under F.5. Factors Other Than Contraception Affecting Fertility .

60:10632 Adjei, Sam. Meaning of morbidity measures in the third world. In: International Population Conference/Congres International de la Population: Montreal, 1993, Volume 1. 1993. 477-82 pp. International Union for the Scientific Study of Population [IUSSP]: Liege, Belgium. In Eng.
The author reviews papers presented in a session designed to "present the synthesis of definition of morbidity, how it is measured and the data collecting technique commonly used."
Correspondence: S. Adjei, Ghana Medical School, Department of Community Health, P.O. Box 184, Accra, Ghana. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

60:10633 Al-Mazrou, Yagob; Farid, Samir. Saudi Arabia Child Health Survey. 1991. xxxi, 299 pp. Ministry of Health: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In Eng.
"The report provides a detailed account of the levels, trends and differentials in child mortality and its proximate determinants in Saudi Arabia. It also identifies the salient features of the diversity in health patterns preference and behaviour. It further examines the way in which social and economic modernization in Saudi Arabia has shaped these patterns." The data are from a survey carried out as part of the Gulf Child Health Survey, and involve a nationally representative probability sample of about 8,000 households. Chapters are included on survey design and implementation, infant and child mortality, diarrheal morbidity, diarrheal treatment, immunization, breast-feeding and weaning, maternal care, marriage patterns, and fertility.
Correspondence: Ministry of Health, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

L.4. Demographic Factors and Human Genetics

Studies on consanguinity and isolates, inbreeding, and twinning.

60:10672 Bittles, A. H.; Roberts, D. F. Minority populations: genetics, demography and health. Studies in Biology, Economy and Society, ISBN 0-333-54694-6. 1992. xi, 276 pp. Macmillan Press: Basingstoke, England; Galton Institute: London, England. In Eng.
These are the proceedings of the twenty-seventh annual symposium of the Galton Institute, held in London, England, in 1990. "In this volume...,investigations on human populations living in different parts of the world, and variously isolated by geography, ethnicity and religion, mainly focus on their genetics, demography and health, with sociocultural determinants of disease an additional prominent feature."
Selected items will be cited in this or subsequent issues of Population Index.
Correspondence: Macmillan Press, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 2XS, England. Location: Princeton University Library (FST).

60:10673 Gauvreau, Danielle; Jette, Rene. Demographic history and human genetics in a region of Quebec before 1850. [Histoire demographique et genetique humaine dans une region du Quebec avant 1850.] Annales de Demographie Historique, 1992. 245-67 pp. Paris, France. In Fre. with sum. in Eng.
"The study of population formation in the Charlevoix region of Quebec before 1850 is approached here from a dual demographic and genetic perspective. The family histories, reconstituted on the basis of marriage records, throw some light on the settlement patterns at a regional level. They also serve the purpose of a genetic survey aimed at understanding the high prevalence of certain hereditary diseases in Eastern Quebec. Several factors are examined in turn to explain the founder's unequal number of descendants: the period of settlement, the levels of effective fertility and inbreeding, and the modalities of integration of the newcomers into the existing population."
Correspondence: D. Gauvreau, Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherches sur les Populations, 555 Boulevard de l'Universite, Chicoutimi, Quebec G7H 2B1, Canada. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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