Volume 59 - Number 4 - Winter 1993

T. Machine-Readable Data Files (MRDF)

References to data of demographic interest that are stored in machine-readable form. All MRDFs coded under this heading are cross-referenced to specific subject categories as appropriate. Articles concerned with the availability of MRDFs are also included.

59:40784 Mexico. Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Geografia e Informatica [INEGI] (Aguascalientes, Mexico). CODICE 90. Final results. Eleventh general census of population and housing, 1990 [MRDF]. [CODICE 90. Resultados definitivos. XI censo general de poblacion y vivienda, 1990.] 1992. Aguascalientes, Mexico. In Spa.
Final results from Mexico's eleventh census of population and housing are presented on CD-ROM. Data cover national, regional, and municipal population trends, with a focus on urban areas, detailed in map form. Data collection and census analysis are also described, as are census methods, including classification and questionnaire development. Equipment requirements include an IBM-PC or compatible using MS-DOS 3.0 or higher, with 512 Kb RAM and a compact disk reader.
For preliminary results of the census in monograph form, see 56:40799.
Correspondence: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Geografia e Informatica, Edificio Sede, Avenida Heroe de Nacozari No. 2301 Sur, Fracc. Jardines del Parque, CP 20270, Aguascalientes, Mexico. Source: Producer's notice.

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