Volume 58 - Number 2 - Summer 1992

T. Machine-Readable Data Files (MRDF)

References to data of demographic interest that are stored in machine-readable form. All MRDFs coded under this heading are cross-referenced to specific subject categories as appropriate. Articles concerned with the availability of MRDFs are also included.

58:20803 Hinde, P. R. A. Census enumerators' books: four rural areas, 1851-1881 [MRDF]. [1990]. University of Essex, ESRC Data Archive: Essex, England. In Eng.
These files contain the raw data collected by census enumerators in four rural counties in England during the period 1851-1881. Variables covered include sex, marital status, relationship to household head, occupation, and birth place. There are 16 files, each containing an average of 3,413 records, with a logical record length of 80. The files are available on floppy disk or magnetic tape. Accompanying technical documentation is provided.
Correspondence: University of Essex, ESRC Data Archive, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex C04 3SQ, England. Source: ESRC Data Archive Bulletin, No. 46, Sep 1990.

58:20804 United States. Bureau of the Census (Washington, D.C.). Current Population Survey, March 1988-1991 on CD-ROM [MRDF]. 1991. Washington, D.C. In Eng.
"This file, also known as the Annual Demographic File, provides the usual monthly labor force data, but in addition, provides supplemental data on work experience, income, noncash benefits, and migration. Comprehensive information is given on the employment status, occupation, and industry of persons 15 years old and over....Data on employment and income refer to the preceding year, although demographic data refer to the time of the survey....Characteristics such as age, sex, race, household relationship, and Hispanic origin are shown for each person in the household enumerated."
The file structure is hierarchical and the sort sequence is by census state code and metropolitan statistical area codes. File size for 1988 is 295,459 logical records; for 1989, 275,770 logical records; for 1990, 299,576 logical records; and for 1991, 300,012 logical records. Each record contains 656 characters. The cost of the CD-ROM is U.S. $150.
For information on these files on magnetic tape, see 55:20811, 56:20772 and 40810, and 57:40801.
Correspondence: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Customer Services, Washington, D.C. 20233. Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Data User Services Division, Data Developments, No. XIV-63, Oct 1991.

58:20805 van Imhoff, Evert; Keilman, Nico. LIPRO 2.0: an application of a dynamic demographic projection model to household structure in the Netherlands. Publications of the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI) and the Population and Family Study Centre (CBGS), No. 23, ISBN 90-265-1241-4. 1991. [xiv], 245 pp. Swets and Zeitlinger: Berwyn, Pennsylvania/Lisse, Netherlands. In Eng.
This publication describes a multidimensional household projection model called LIPRO 2.0. The LIPRO computer program, which is included with the publication in diskette form, is written in Borland's Turbo Pascal 5.0 and can be run on personal computers or compatibles using MS/DOS. The program requires a mathematical coprocessor, a hard disk, and a memory of 640 kb. About half of the book is devoted to the methodological and computational aspects of the LIPRO model. Additional chapters present an illustrative application of the model to household structure and social security in the Netherlands.
Correspondence: Swets and Zeitlinger, Heereweg 347B, 2161 CA Lisse, Netherlands. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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