Volume 57 - Number 4 - Winter 1991

P. Professional Meetings and Conferences

Proceedings of professional meetings of general demographic concern, except for proceedings coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading. Items about conferences are also classified under this heading.

57:40770 Cairo Demographic Centre (Cairo, Egypt). Studies in African and Asian Demography: CDC Annual Seminar, 1988. CDC Research Monograph Series, No. 18, 1989. 768 pp. Cairo, Egypt. In Eng.
This publication contains papers presented at the Cairo Demographic Centre's 1988 annual seminar, the forum at which the Centre's research is presented and discussed. "This volume includes 29 papers, organized into seven sessions. Two sessions were exclusively devoted to the demography of Egypt and one session each to Arab, African, Asian and Chinese demography, while general issues were presented and discussed in yet another session." The topics discussed in the general issues section include the applicability of the principal components model to cohort age-specific fertility rates using Australian data; two papers on Egypt concerning women's status and fertility, and estimates of total fertility; and the factors that contribute to fertility change.
Correspondence: Cairo Demographic Centre, 2 Lebanon Street, P.O. Box 73, Mohandiseen 12655, Cairo, Egypt. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

57:40771 Universiteit van Amsterdam. Postdoctorale Onderzoekersopleiding Demografie [PDOD] (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Perspectives on demographic behaviour. PDOD Paper, No. 1, May 1991. ii, 33 pp. Amsterdam, Netherlands. In Eng.
This document contains the ceremonial speeches presented in November 1990 at a seminar on perspectives in demographic behaviour, which was held to mark the official opening of the Graduate School of Research in Demography at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Two substantive papers are included. The first, by James T. Fawcett, has a global scope and covers the contributions of psychology to demography over the past 20 years, giving emphasis to studies on the motivations behind fertility and migration decision-making. In the second paper, Siv Gustafsson discusses the demographic situation and feminism in Sweden in the 1930s and how policies ultimately turned to favor women's emancipation.
Correspondence: University of Amsterdam, Planning and Demography Department, Graduate School of Research in Demography, Jodenbreestraat 23, 1011 NH Amsterdam, Netherlands. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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