Volume 56 - Number 4 - Winter 1990

Q. Bibliographies, Directories, & Other Information Services

Bibliographies, catalogs, dictionaries, directories, thesauri, and other information services of general demographic concern, except for those bibliographies coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading.

56:40779 Byerly, Edwin. State and local agencies preparing population and housing estimates. Current Population Reports, Series P-25: Population Estimates and Projections, No. 1063, Sep 1990. iii, 52 pp. U.S. Bureau of the Census: Washington, D.C. In Eng.
"This report presents the results of a mail survey of 1,049 [U.S.] State and local public agencies conducted from June to December 1989. The voluntary survey was intended to inventory official State and local governmental and other public agencies making estimates of population and/or housing units. Agencies such as chambers of commerce, universities, and selected utility companies, were included; private organizations were not....The focus of the survey was on recent population and housing estimates derived using various estimating techniques."
Correspondence: U.S. Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. 20402. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

56:40780 Consejo Nacional de Poblacion [CONAPO]. Centro de Documentacion en Poblacion y Desarrollo [CENDOP] (La Paz, Bolivia). A Bolivian directory on population and development: institutions, human resources, and information centers. [Directorio boliviano en poblacion y desarrollo: instituciones, recursos humanos y unidades de informacion.] Informacion sobre Poblacion, Vol. 1, 1989. 424 pp. La Paz, Bolivia. In Spa.
This is a directory of institutions and individuals active in the field of population and development in Bolivia. The first part presents information on institutions, their subject areas of interest, directors' names, type, and affiliation. The second part concerns individuals, their areas of interest, and addresses. The third part has relevant data about population information centers in Bolivia.
Correspondence: Consejo Nacional de Poblacion, Avenida Acre 2147, Casilla 686, La Paz, Bolivia. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

56:40781 Devisch, M.; Vanderstappen, D. National population bibliography of Flanders 1945-1983. CBGS Monografie, No. 1990/2, 1990. xxxx, 580 pp. Centrum voor Bevolkings- en Gezinsstudien [CBGS]: Brussels, Belgium. In Eng.
This bibliography covers the period 1945-1983 and includes materials relevant to the scientific study of the population of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. It is one in a series of national bibliographies developed under the guidance of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population. The volume is organized according to the subject classification developed by Population Index and provides abstracts for most entries. An author index is included.
Correspondence: Centrum voor Bevolkings- en Gezinsstudien, Markiesstraat 1, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

56:40782 United Nations. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific [ESCAP] (Bangkok, Thailand). Directory of computerized population databases, services, products and software in the Asian and Pacific region: a preliminary version. No. ST/ESCAP/834, 1989. vi, 98 pp. Bangkok, Thailand. In Eng.
This directory of population information sources for the Asia-Pacific region was produced by ESCAP in 1989. "The Directory consists of two parts: databases and software. The databases part contains information on databases either in operation or in planning and development stage, while the software part contains software products and packages used in the organizations surveyed. The primary aim of this Directory is to share data and experiences. It....is preliminary since the data collected were found incomplete in many cases....ESCAP is planning to produce a comprehensive version of the Directory by combining the information from [a] survey with the data provided here after conducting a follow-up survey to clarify some of the information provided."
Correspondence: U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Population Division, Population Information Section, Rajdamnern Avenue, Bangkok 10200, Thailand. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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