Volume 55 - Number 4 - Winter 1989

B. Regional Population Studies

Regional studies are defined as international, national, and subnational, but not global.

B.1. Regional Demography--Long Studies

Major, book-length, regional analyses and studies centering on the structure of population and on the components and rates of growth in the modern period.

55:40017 Baez, Clara. A guide to the population of the Dominican Republic. [Guia de poblacion de la Republica Dominicana.] 1988. xii, 193 pp. Asociacion Dominicana pro Bienestar de la Familia [PROFAMILIA]: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In Spa.
Population dynamics in the Dominican Republic are analyzed using data from a variety of official sources, including censuses, vital statistics, and surveys. Chapters are included on the total population; age and sex distribution; spatial distribution, urbanization, and migration; marital status and families; fertility; mortality; population change; and family planning. The publication includes a substantial number of tables and figures.
Correspondence: PROFAMILIA, Socorro Sanchez No. 64, Apartado Postal 1053, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Location: New York Public Library.

55:40018 Horner, A. A.; Walsh, J. A.; Harrington, V. P. Population in Ireland: a census atlas. ISBN 1-870089-09-X. 1987. [ix], 109, 56 pp. University College Dublin, Department of Geography: Dublin, Ireland. In Eng.
"This atlas consists of over 200 computer-plotted maps displaying local and regional variations in the recent pattern of change, distribution and structure of the population. Maps are included on cultural aspects, economic activity, housing and households as well as on demographic matters. Wherever possible, a countrywide perspective is provided by showing variations in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. An accompanying commentary describes the main features of the maps and is amplified by 30 tables with regional and other summary data." Data are primarily from the 1981 censuses and from the Republic of Ireland census of 1986, together with retrospective data from the 1971 censuses.
Correspondence: University College Dublin, Department of Geography, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40019 Jha, Birendra K. Population problems: a demographic study. ISBN 81-85076-61-8. LC 89-900191. 1989. vii, 240 pp. Chugh Publications: Allahabad, India. In Eng.
The problems associated with rapid population growth in India are examined through a case study of the district of Darbhanga, an underdeveloped region in North Bihar. Chapters are included on the socioeconomic background, population characteristics, population dynamics and growth, and fertility and age and sex distributions. The study concludes with suggestions to make more effective population policies.
Correspondence: Chugh Publications, 2 Strachey Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad, India. Location: U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

55:40020 Lasserre, Rene; Deyson, Nathalie. Demographic trends and their consequences for the Federal Republic of Germany and France. [L'evolution demographique et ses consequences en Republique Federale d'Allemagne et en France.] Travaux et Documents du CIRAC, No. 11, ISBN 2-905518-13-8. 1988. 107 pp. Centre d'Information et de Recherche sur l'Allemagne Contemporaine [CIRAC]: Paris, France; Deutsch-Franzosisches Institut: Ludwigsburg, Germany, Federal Republic of. In Fre.
These are the proceedings of a conference held in Paris, March 5-7, 1987, concerning demographic trends in France and the Federal Republic of Germany. The conference brought together French and German demographers to examine causes and consequences of the rapid decline in fertility in the two countries and to cooperate on the development of a population policy adapted to contemporary European needs. The consequences considered include the prospects for population decline in both countries, particularly in the Federal Republic of Germany; the aging of the population; the cost of providing for the needs of the elderly; and the decline in innovation that is associated with demographic aging. The development of effective family and immigration policies is also explored.
Correspondence: CIRAC, 9 rue de Teheran, 75008 Paris, France. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40021 Litvinova, G. I. The positives and negatives of progress (socio-demographic issues in the USSR). [Svet i teni progressa (sotsial'no-demograficheskie problemy SSSR).] ISBN 5-268-00807-2. 1989. 270 pp. Sovetskaya Rossiya: Moscow, USSR. In Rus.
This book, intended for a general audience, concerns demographic and social problems in the USSR and solutions that can contribute to socioeconomic development in the Russian SFSR and in the country as a whole. Chapters are included on the history of demographic processes and their management; goals of demographic policy and means of achieving them in a multinational state; whether and how to encourage increased fertility, including discusssions of the value of the family and methods of in vitro fertilization; changes in life expectancy and demographic aging; and migration.
Correspondence: Sovetskaya Rossiya Izdatel'stvo, Projezd Sapunova 13-15, 103012 Moscow, USSR. Location: Princeton University Library (FST).

55:40022 Liu, Changxin; Zhang, Zhitang. Dalian population. [Dalian renkou.] ISBN 7-81005-135-0. 1988. 307 pp. Northeast Finance and Economics University: Dalian, China. In Chi.
This is a general introduction to population dynamics in the Dalian region, which forms a peninsula in Liaoning province in northeastern China. Chapters are included on the geography of the region, past population trends, population trends from 1949 to 1982, fertility, mortality, migration, spatial distribution, urbanization, age and sex distribution, labor force, marriage and the family, minority nationalities, population quality, demographic aging, family planning, and population policy. Data are from official sources, including the 1982 census. Consideration is given to the policy alternatives available in light of current demographic trends.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40023 Srivastava, S. C. Demographic profile of north east India. ISBN 81-7099-001-7. LC 87-903401. 1987. xix, 343 pp. Mittal Publications: Delhi, India. In Eng.
Population characteristics of northeast India are analyzed using census data, including data from the 1981 census. Chapters are included on migration and urbanization, economic activity, and fertility.
Correspondence: Mittal Publications, B-2/19-B Lawrence Road, Delhi 110 035, India. Location: U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

55:40024 Tang, Chongtai. Chinese population: Hubei province. [Zhongguo renkou: Hubei fence.] ISBN 7-5005-0187-0. Sep 1988. 408 pp. China Financial and Economic Press: Beijing, China. In Chi.
This is one in a planned series of 32 volumes devoted to the population of China's provinces. This report analyzes population trends in Hubei province and is mainly concerned with the period since 1949. The topics covered include population size, fertility, mortality, migration, spatial distribution, sex and age distribution, nuptiality and the family, nationality, population quality, and population control. Special attention is given to the relationships among population, society, economy, and the environment and to existing population problems in the province. Data are from census and other official statistics.
For volumes concerning other provinces, see elsewhere in this issue and 55:20023 and 20026.
Correspondence: China Financial and Economic Pres, 8 East Daifesi Avenue, Beijing East Region, China. Location: Princeton University Library (Gest).

55:40025 Wang, Yijun. Chinese population: Zhejiang province. [Zhongguo renkou: Zhejiang fence.] ISBN 7-5005-0002-5. Jun 1988. 417 pp. China Financial and Economic Press: Beijing, China. In Chi.
This is one in a planned series of 32 volumes devoted to the population of China's provinces. This study examines population trends in Zhejiang province and is primarily concerned with the period since 1949. Topics covered are population size, fertility and mortality, migration, spatial distribution, sex and age distribution, marriage and family, nationality, and population quality and family planning. Data are from the census and other official statistics. The impact of population factors on social and economic development and existing population problems in Zhejiang province are examined and some suggestions concerning population policy are included.
For volumes concerning other provinces, see elsewhere in this issue and 55:20023 and 20026.
Correspondence: China Financial and Economic Press, 8 East Daifesi Avenue, Beijing East Region, China. Location: Princeton University Library (Gest).

55:40026 Zhuravleva, N. I. Anti-Soviet tendencies in bourgeois demography. [Antisovetizm burzhuaznoi demografii.] Kritika Burzhuaznoi Ideologii i Revizionizma, LC 86-163964. 1987. 190 pp. Mysl': Moscow, USSR. In Rus.
This is a review of U.S. perspectives on demographic trends in the Soviet Union as seen from a Soviet viewpoint. The author describes what American demographers have said concerning future prospects for population development and their consequences. The U.S. view of the development of demography as a science in the Soviet Union is also reviewed.
Correspondence: Mysl' Izdatel'stvo, Leninskii Prosp. 15, 117071 Moscow, USSR. Location: U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

B.2. Regional Demography--Short Studies

Regional studies that are fewer than 100 pages in length and that focus on the structure of population and on the components and rates of growth in the modern period.

55:40027 Bhargava, Y. S. Population growth and family planning in India. LC 88-902028. [1987]. 80 pp. Alfa Publishers and Distributors: Bikaner, India. In Eng.
This volume is designed for the general reader and is an introduction to India's population problems. It includes chapters on population growth and socioeconomic development, population policy and the national family planning program, contraceptive methods, policies that affect fertility indirectly, maternal and child health services, integrated child development schemes, and immunization programs. The importance of population education is stressed.
Correspondence: Alfa Publishers and Distributors, Amar-Kala Niketan, Hospital Road, Bikaner 334 001, India. Location: U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

55:40028 Booth, Heather. 1986 Vanuatu urban census. Demographic analysis: marriage, fertility and infant mortality. Feb 1988. iii, 17 pp. National Planning and Statistics Office: Port Vila, Vanuatu. In Eng.
Data from the 1986 urban census of Vanuatu concerning fertility, marriage, and infant mortality are analyzed for the populations of Port Vila and Luganville.
Correspondence: National Planning and Statistics Office, Office of the Prime Minister, Statistics Division, Vila, Vanuatu. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40029 Hohn, Charlotte. Is the demography of developing countries a relevant topic for European research centers? [Demographie der Entwicklungslander: eine Aufgabe fur europaische Forschungsinstitute?] Demographische Informationen 1988/89, [1989]. 21-8, 154 pp. Vienna, Austria. In Ger. with sum. in Eng.
This is an overview of organizations that research the demographic problems of developing countries. Reasons for the neglect of this research field in Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany are discussed.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40030 Krastin', O.; Mezhgailis, Ya. Seasonal variation in basic demographic phenomena (the example of Latvian SSR). [Sezonnost' osnovnykh demograficheskikh yavlenii (na primere Latviiskoi SSR).] Vestnik Statistiki, No. 3, 1989. 14-8 pp. Moscow, USSR. In Rus.
The existence of seasonal variation in demographic phenomena in the USSR is illustrated using data for Latvia. The authors provide evidence of seasonal variations in births, marriages, and infant mortality over the period 1970-1986. Changes in the pattern of seasonal variation over time are also noted.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40031 Li, Rongshi. An analysis of the population situation in China in 1987. Renkou Yanjiu, No. 1, Jan 29, 1988. 5-11 pp. Beijing, China. In Chi.
Current population trends in China are analyzed using data from the One Percent Sample Survey conducted in 1987 and from other official sources. The author notes that the population continues to grow in size. The impact of the changing age structure of the population on fertility is examined. The author suggests that these changes will result in a large potential labor force and in high levels of employment.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40032 Miettinen, Anneli. Population data on Finland 1900-1988. Yearbook of Population Research in Finland, Vol. 27, 1989. 78-84 pp. Helsinki, Finland. In Eng.
These are population data for Finland from the Central Statistical Office for the period 1900-1988. Data are included on population size by urban and rural municipalities, age structure, age-specific fertility rate, replacement rate, maternal age, illegitimate births, abortions, marriage patterns, family size and characteristics, death rate, life expectancy, internal and international migration rates, the labor force, and females in the labor force.
Correspondence: A. Miettinen, Central Statistical Office, Box 504, SF-00101, Helskini 10, Finland. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40033 Vinuesa Angulo, Julio. The seasonality of changes in vital rates in Spain (1973-1982). [Estacionalidad de los movimientos naturales en Espana (1973-1982).] Revista Internacional de Sociologia, Vol. 46, No. 1, Jan-Mar 1988. 124-49 pp. Madrid, Spain. In Spa. with sum. in Eng.
Seasonal variations in primary demographic indicators in Spain between 1973 and 1982 are analyzed. Separate consideration is given to nuptiality, conceptions and births, and mortality. The author concludes that the lack of available data precludes an in-depth analysis of this phenomenon.
Correspondence: J. Vinuesa Angulo, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Ciudad Universitaria, Canto Blanco, 28049 Madrid, Spain. Location: Princeton University Library (PR).

55:40034 Young, Christabel. Australia's population: a long-term view. Current Affairs Bulletin, Vol. 65, No. 12, May 1989. 4-11 pp. Sydney, Australia. In Eng.
Some general issues concerning current and future population trends in Australia are considered. The author argues against the need for continued high levels of population growth. She concludes that "the least disruptive path to eventual equilibrium is to maintain fertility near replacement level and to reduce the migrant intake to about one-third of the current level, i.e. to a net intake of about 50,000 per year."
Correspondence: C. Young, Australian National University, Research School of Social Sciences, Department of Demography, GPO Box 4, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

55:40035 Zvidrins, Peteris. Population reproduction in the Baltic region. Yearbook of Population Research in Finland, Vol. 27, 1989. 41-52 pp. Helsinki, Finland. In Eng.
The author compares similarities and differences in population dynamics among the Soviet Baltic republics of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and among six countries of the Baltic region: the German Democratic Republic, Poland, the Federal Republic of Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Data for Norway are also used for comparison. The focus is on fertility, mortality, and population replacement and growth rates during the period 1960-1986.
Correspondence: P. Zvidrins, Latvian State University, 226098 Riga, Bulvar Raynisa 19, Latvian SSR, USSR. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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