Volume 54 - Number 3 - Fall 1988

Q. Bibliographies, Directories, & Other Information Services

Bibliographies, catalogs, dictionaries, directories, thesauri, and other information services of general demographic concern, except for those bibliographies coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading.

54:30758 Heleniak, Timothy E. Bibliography of Soviet statistical handbooks. CIR Staff Paper, No. 42, Jun 1988. xxiii, 237 pp. U.S. Bureau of the Census, Center for International Research: Washington, D.C. In Eng.
"This bibliography contains references to over 2,000 Soviet statistical handbooks [concerning Soviet economy and society] known to have been published since the mid-1950's. This is the fourth version of such a bibliography compiled by the Center for International Research...but the first to include national, international, and foreign trade handbooks....References to 299 national and 136 international handbooks are included in addition to republic and regional handbooks published since the last edition. Data on the tirazh (number of copies) and price of each handbook also are included in this edition. A geographical index and three summary tables have been added...in order to make the bibliography easier to use." A list of items that have not previously been published or that have been out of print for many years is included.
Correspondence: Center for International Research, U.S. Bureau of the Census, Washington, D.C. 20233. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:30759 McDonald, Peter; Whithear, Deborah. Has a discipline come of age when it can boast several competing dictionaries? Population Index, Vol. 54, No. 2, Summer 1988. 225-34 pp. Princeton, New Jersey. In Eng.
The authors review three recently published reference works in demography: the International Encyclopedia of Population, edited by John A. Ross; the Dictionary of Demography, by Roland Pressat, edited by Christopher Wilson; and the Dictionary of Demography: Terms, Concepts, and Institutions, by William and Renee Petersen. They also consider what the publication of such works tells us about the development of demography as a discipline.
For the works reviewed, see 48:30866, 51:30827, and 53:10837.
Correspondence: P. McDonald, Australian Institute of Family Studies, 300 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:30760 Population Institute (Washington, D.C.). The Nairobi challenge: global directory of women's organizations implementing population strategy. ISBN 0-9619165-3-2. LC 87-062578. 1988. xviii, 554 pp. Washington, D.C. In Eng.
This directory is the product of a worldwide survey of women's organizations carried out by the Washington-based Population Institute. The purpose of the survey was to determine the extent of such organizations' involvement with population issues in general and reproductive health care programs in particular. The directory is organized geographically by continent and alphabetically within each region. It includes population, development, and health organizations as well as women's organizations. An index by organization is included.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:30761 Valentei, D. I. Encyclopedic demographic dictionary. [Demograficheskii entsiklopedicheskii slovar'.] 1985. 607 pp. Sovetskaya Entsiklopediya: Moscow, USSR. In Rus.
This is an encyclopedic demographic dictionary covering the Soviet demographic literature. It contains more than 1,600 entries prepared by over 270 specialists from the USSR and other Socialist countries. In contrast to the standard reference works published in the West, this volume is based on the Marxist-Leninist approach to the study of demography. The subjects covered include not only demography but also relevant topics from related disciplines.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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