Volume 54 - Number 3 - Fall 1988

P. Professional Meetings and Conferences

Proceedings of professional meetings of general demographic concern, except for proceedings coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading. Items about conferences are also classified under this heading.

54:30752 Associacao Brasileira de Estudos Populacionais [ABEP] (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Fifth National Conference on Population Studies. [V Encontro Nacional de Estudos Populacionais.] Revista Brasileira de Estudos de Populacao, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan-Jul 1987. 142 pp. Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Por.
This special issue is a product of the Fifth National Conference on Population Studies in Brazil held in Aguas de Sao Pedro in 1986. It includes the texts of the opening addresses, a section with papers on the populations of Cuba and Mexico, and papers from a panel on population policy, with particular reference to policies in Latin America and Brazil.
Correspondence: Revista Brasileira de Estudos de Populacao, Fundacao SEADE, Av. Casper Libero 464, Caixa Postal 8223, 01033 Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:30753 Birg, Herwig. Origins of demography in Germany: the life and work of Johann Peter Sussmilch (1707-1767). [Ursprunge der Demographie in Deutschland: Leben und Werk Johann Peter Sussmilchs (1707-1767).] Forschungsberichte des Instituts fur Bevolkerungsforschung und Sozialpolitik (IBS), Universitat Bielefeld, Vol. 11, ISBN 3-593-33695-2. 1986. 402 pp. Campus: New York, New York/Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Federal Republic of. In Ger.
This volume contains contributions to a symposium held at the University of Bielefeld, Federal Republic of Germany, in November, 1984, concerning the life and works of Johann Peter Sussmilch. It also contains a reprint and discussion of Sussmilch's 1758 work, "Reflections on epidemic illnesses and widespread death in the year 1757". The stated purpose of the meeting was to place the development of the science of demography into a historical perspective and to call attention to Sussmilch's contributions. In addition to his role in population studies, his influence on demography and ethics and his contributions to political discussions and social reform are noted.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:30754 Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France). Proceedings of the seminar on demographic problem areas in Europe. (Strasbourg, 2-4 September 1986). ISBN 92-871-1039-5. 1987. 526, [10] pp. Strasbourg, France. In Eng.
These are the proceedings of a seminar on demographic problem areas in Europe, held in Strasbourg, France, in September 1986. Included are the opening speeches, six seminar conferences on selected topics consisting of a substantive paper together with summaries of discussions, and the texts of 28 brief case studies submitted by individual authors. The topics covered in the seminar conferences include high population density areas; areas with high in-migration and high immigrant populations; problems of fertility, including abortion; infant mortality; issues of population structure, including aging; and areas having high levels of out-migration.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:30755 Pati, R. N. Population, family, and culture. ISBN 81-7024-151-0. LC 87-904038. 1987. xii, 206 pp. Ashish Publishing House: New Delhi, India. In Eng.
This book is the product of a national seminar entitled Population, Family, and Culture, held in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India, May 21-23, 1985. The focus of the 16 papers is on ethical aspects of population research in India. The first part of the book is concerned with methodological aspects and contains papers on psychosocial aspects of family planning research, family planning in Orissa and West Bengal, tribal family structure in Orissa, and the law and sexual activity in the context of population control. The second part is concerned with ethical aspects of population control, incentives and disincentives, and the treatment of the aged and children. The focus of the third part is on quality of life, particularly population growth and its impact on health status and economic development. The final part considers alternative approaches to operational research.
Location: U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

54:30756 Pool, Ian. From Bucharest to Mexico: the politics of international population conferences. Politiques de Population: Etudes et Documents, Vol. 2, No. 3, Jul 1986. 53-71 pp. CIACO Editeur: Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. In Eng. with sum. in Fre.
Changes in the global consensus concerning population growth between the 1974 Bucharest conference and the 1984 Mexico City conference are examined and summarized. Particular attention is given to changes in official U.S. policy concerning population. Three issues that generated controversy at the Mexico City conference are discussed: abortion, peace, and the settlement of occupied territories.
Correspondence: I. Pool, Population Studies Centre, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:30757 Vanderlin, Jane; Barrows, William. Ins and outs of health and population data: proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Conference, Association for Population/Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers--International. ISBN 0-933438-13-3. LC 88-6291. 1988. vi, 98 pp. Association for Population/Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers--International [APLIC]: New York, New York. In Eng.
These are the proceedings of the twentieth annual APLIC conference, held in Chicago, Illinois, April 27-30, 1987. The focus is on access to population and health data. Topics covered include electronic access to U.S. population data, adolescent fertility data, and software for international population information activities. Additional chapters provide directories of APLIC members and conference participants, a list of annual conferences, and information on other APLIC publications.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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