Volume 54 - Number 1 - Spring 1988

P. Professional Meetings and Conferences

Proceedings of professional meetings of general demographic concern, except for proceedings coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading. Items about conferences are also classified under this heading.

54:10850 Beteille, Roger. Geographic and demographic changes in the population of France (conference held at Poitiers, November 21-23, 1985). [Changements geographiques et demographiques de la population de la France (Poitiers, 21-23 novembre 1985).] Annales de Geographie, Vol. 95, No. 530, Jul-Aug 1986. 483-8 pp. Paris, France. In Fre.
The author outlines the main activities at a conference on current demographic trends in France, held in Poitiers in 1985. Topics considered include general demographic trends, changes in specific groups such as immigrants and the elderly, labor force and employment, migration, and spatial distribution. The article includes a summary of the main points of the papers presented.
Location: Princeton University Library (FST).

54:10851 Claude, Jacqueline. Bibliography of IUSSP conference proceedings from 1927 to 1985. [Bibliographie des actes des congres de l'Union, 1927 a 1985.] IUSSP Papers/Documents de l'Union, No. 29, ISBN 2-87108-003-8. 1987. 435 pp. International Union for the Scientific Study of Population [IUSSP]: Liege, Belgium. In Eng; Fre.
This is a partially annotated bibliography of papers presented at general assemblies and conferences of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) from 1927 to 1985. Author, subject, and geographical indexes are included.
For a previous bibliography, published by Jean-Louis Dechesne et al. in 1974, see 41:1012.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10852 United Nations. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific [ESCAP] (Bangkok, Thailand). Report of the Asia-Pacific POPIN Expert Working Group on Population Information Networking, October 16-20, 1986, Beijing, China. Asian Population Studies Series, No. 83; ST/ESCAP/517, 1987. 54 pp. Bangkok, Thailand. In Eng.
This report contains an overview of worldwide population information networking, based on the study of an ESCAP working group on this subject. The main focus is on recent developments in population information centers and networks in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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