Volume 54 - Number 1 - Spring 1988

B. Regional Population Studies

Regional studies are defined as international, national, and subnational, but not global.

B.1. Regional Demography--Long Studies

Major, book-length, regional analyses and studies centering on the structure of population and on the components and rates of growth in the modern period.

54:10024 Banister, Judith. China's changing population. ISBN 0-8047-1155-0. LC 82-60105. 1987. xiii, 488 pp. Stanford University Press: Palo Alto, California. In Eng.
"This book is an attempt to describe and explain the momentous population changes that have taken place in the People's Republic of China since its founding in 1949. The cut-off point for incorporating newly available information in the analysis was January 1985." Chapters are included on the quality of China's population data; health and morbidity; mortality; the setting for fertility decline; late marriage and birth planning; the one-child family campaign; fertility; population distribution, internal migration, and ethnic groups; and prospects for the future. Supplementary data and a glossary of terms are included in appendixes.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10025 Council of Europe. European Population Committee (Strasbourg, France). Recent demographic developments in the member states of the Council of Europe. Pub. Order No. CDPO (87) 1. 1987. i, 195 pp. Strasbourg, France. In Eng.
This document presents country reports on demographic developments in Council of Europe member states. Each report is in two parts: "the first is a short descriptive text in which each country comments selectively on aspects of demographic changes which seem to be of particular importance. The second part consists of a set of tables of demographic data from national statistics, which were completed as far as the availability of data in the different countries permits."
For a previous report, published in 1986, see 53:10031.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10026 del Campo, Salustiano; Navarro Lopez, Manuel. A new analysis of the Spanish population. [Nuevo analisis de la poblacion espanola.] Ariel Sociologia, ISBN 84-344-1680-0. Mar 1987. 267 pp. Editorial Ariel: Barcelona, Spain. In Spa.
Modern population trends in Spain are analyzed. Chapters are included on population growth and its components, internal migration and urbanization, population characteristics, the economically active population, population projections and population policy, and population statistics. This is a completely revised edition of a work originally published in 1972.
Location: New York Public Library.

54:10027 Du, Wenzhen; Gu, Jirui. China's population--the Jiangsu Province volume. [Zhongguo renkou--Jiangsu fence.] 1987. 414 pp. China Financial and Economic Press: Beijing, China. In Chi.
This is the first in a planned 32-volume series devoted to the population of China's provinces. The present report is concerned with Jiangsu Province. The book's 15 chapters cover all the standard demographic variables as well as such topics as population history (back to the Western Han), marriage and the family, ethnic groups, family planning, and projected population. The book features maps, census data by county, and abundant longitudinal data.
Correspondence: China Financial and Economic Press, 8 East Daifesi Avenue, Beijing East Region, China. Location: Princeton University Library (Gest).

54:10028 Scherer, John L. USSR: facts and figures annual, Volume 9, 1985. ISBN 0-87569-086-6. 1985. x, 413 pp. Academic International Press: Gulf Breeze, Florida. In Eng.
This annual report presents selected data concerning the Soviet Union. A section on demography (pp. 38-52) includes data on population developments in 1984; natural increase by republic, 1940-1982; age and sex distribution; estimates and projections, 1950-2000; death rates and life expectancy by republic, 1950-1982; causes of death, 1960-1980; infant mortality, 1958-1974; labor force; population density; illegitimacy; urban population; and rural population. The data are taken from a variety of primary and secondary sources.
Location: Princeton University Library (FST).

54:10029 Zaib, Jehan. Demographic profile of North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Pub. Order No. 184. May 1987. xi, 154 pp. NWFP Agricultural University, Institute of Development Studies: Peshawar, Pakistan. In Eng.
Population trends in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan are analyzed using the latest available census and survey data, including the 1961 and 1972 censuses. The studies divided into five substantive chapters. The introduction includes a review of the available data and its quality. Chapter 2 examines population growth since 1855, population distribution, density, and characteristics. Chapter 3 deals with fertility, mortality, and migration. Chapter 4 presents projections to 1992 and their policy implications, and Chapter 5 contains a summary and conclusions.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10030 Zwart, F. H. A. G. Population growth of Fiji: an analysis of fertility and mortality based on the 1976 population census. Publications of the Netherlands Interuniversity Demographic Institute [NIDI] and the Population and Family Study Centre [CBGS], Vol. 13, ISBN 90-70990-03-2. 1986. iv, 248 pp. Netherlands Interuniversity Demographic Institute [NIDI]: The Hague, Netherlands; Centrum voor Bevolkings- en Gezinsstudien [CBGS]: Brussels, Belgium. In Eng.
Population trends in Fiji are anlayzed using data from the 1976 census. Separate chapters are included on sex and age distribution, marriage patterns, fertility levels and trends, mortality patterns, and population growth. Much of the methodology used is described in a series of appendixes. The analysis deals with the demography of Fiji's various ethnic groups separately.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

B.2. Regional Demography--Short Studies

Regional studies that are fewer than 100 pages in length and that focus on the structure of population and on the components and rates of growth in the modern period.

54:10031 Bulgaru, Mircea. Demographic explosion and implosion--the optimum human resources. [Explozie si implozie demografica--optimul resurselor umane.] Viitorul Social, Vol. 79, Jul-Aug 1986. 358-71 pp. Bucharest, Romania. In Rum.
The relationship between economic growth and population trends is explored in theoretical terms. The author suggests that populations tend to grow exponentially at first, then level off, and finally decline. These theoretical concepts are then considered in the light of Romanian demographic trends. The author proposes that the optimum demographic trends for Romania would be achieved by means of a crude birth rate of 18 to 20 per 1,000 and an annual growth rate of one percent. Policy measures designed to realize these targets are discussed.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10032 Chen, Kuanjeng. Age composition and population cycles. Journal of Population Studies, No. 10, Jun 1987. 15-28 pp. Taipei, Taiwan. In Chi. with sum. in Eng.
The author attempts to correlate the endogenous population cycle with changes in age composition by examining population trends in Taiwan. "It is argued that while the size of parental cohort is related to the size of offspring cohort by the renewal process, fluctuations in size are correspondingly transmitted and averaged time after time." The concepts of population cycles as a key factor in population change is also examined.
Correspondence: K. Chen, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10033 Chomra, O. U. Large cities and urban agglomerations in the Ukrainian SSR. [Veliki mista ta mis'ki aglomeratsii ukrains'koi RSR.] Demografichni Doslidzhennya, Vol. 10, 1986. 59-72 pp. Kiev, USSR. In Ukr. with sum. in Eng; Rus.
The author examines population dynamics in the Ukrainian SSR. Trends in fertility, mortality, marriage, divorce, and migration are analyzed for the country as a whole and for cities, towns, and rural areas. Measures designed to regulate demographic processes are outlined, with a focus on migration policies.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10034 Davies, D. Hywel. Population growth, distribution and density changes, and urbanization in Zimbabwe: a preliminary assessment following the 1982 census. African Urban Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 1, Feb 1987. 13-23 pp. Albany, New York. In Eng.
"Aspects of population growth and redistribution [in Zimbabwe], including urbanization, are assessed using data from the 1982 and earlier censuses, together with preliminary information from cartographic analysis extracted from an on-going research programme. It is concluded that in several respects Zimbabwe typifies sub-Saharan population trends and imbalances and that a number of ingredients for an urban spatial transformation are present. However, the presence of sizeable tracts of under-utilized, formerly European-owned farmland, and of a semi-developed system of urban places, including mature 'colonial' towns, are seen as significant local modifying characteristics that potentially offer partial solutions to the country's population problems."
Correspondence: D. H. Davies, Department of Geography, University of Natal, P.O. Box 375, Pietermaritzburg 3200, Republic of South Africa. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10035 El-Hallak, Mohammad N. Population structure in the Arab world and its impact on integration and development trends. Population Bulletin of ESCWA, No. 29, Dec 1986. 47-65 pp. Baghdad, Iraq. In Eng.
The author examines three issues: "population structure in the Arab world; trends making for integration and unity among the Arab countries; and economic and social development trends." Data from the United Nations for 1985 and from recent censuses are used to discuss population size, growth, and spatial distribution; the labor force; age and sex distribution; and fertility, mortality, and natural increase. Figures are presented separately for 22 Arab countries. Attention is then given to the relationships between population structure and economic and social development and between development and Arab unity and integration.
Correspondence: M. N. El-Hallak, Regional Adviser on Population Statistics, United Nations, ESCWA, Baghdad, Iraq. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10036 France. Institut National d'Etudes Demographiques [INED] (Paris, France). Sixteenth report on the demographic situation in France. [Seizieme rapport sur la situation demographique de la France.] Population, Vol. 42, No. 4-5, Jul-Oct 1987. 605-48 pp. Paris, France. In Fre.
Recent demographic trends in France are reviewed in this report, the sixteenth in an annual series. The first part is concerned with recent demographic developments, including nuptiality, fertility, the contribution of foreigners to French fertility, abortion, and causes of death. The second part concentrates on divorce.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10037 Ghetau, Vasile. Demographic trends in European countries. [Conjunctura demografica in tarile europene.] Viitorul Social, Vol. 79, Nov-Dec 1986. 547-55 pp. Bucharest, Romania. In Rum.
Population trends in Europe are described using data from U.N. sources. The focus is on the period 1950-2000. Data are provided on crude birth rates, total fertility rates, and life expectancy for 28 European countries. The consequences of a continued decline in fertility are reviewed, including demographic aging and population decline.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10038 McCracken, Kevin W. J.; Curson, P. H. Population. In: Atlas of New South Wales, edited by R. J. Harriman and E. S. Clifford. ISBN 0-7305-1547-8. 1987. 16-9 pp. Department of Lands, Central Mapping Authority: North Ryde, Australia. In Eng.
Information is presented in text and map form concerning spatial distribution, recent population trends, and population structure in New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia. Data are from official sources and are for 1981.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10039 Monnier, Alain. Demographic trends: Europe and developed countries overseas. [La conjoncture demographique: Europe et les pays developpes d'outre-mer.] Population, Vol. 42, No. 4-5, Jul-Oct 1987. 719-35 pp. Paris, France. In Fre.
A selection of demographic data on the developed countries is presented. The data concern total population, births, and deaths, 1985 and 1986; birth, death, and infant mortality rates, 1985 and 1986; total fertility rates, 1965-1986; marriage rates, 1965-1985; divorce rates, 1965-1985; legal abortions, 1965-1985; and life expectancy, 1975-1985.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10040 Moussa-Elkadhum, Djaffar. The demographic transition in the islands of the southwestern Indian Ocean. [Transition demographique dans les iles du sud-ouest de l'Ocean Indien.] Population, Vol. 42, No. 4-5, Jul-Oct 1987. 756-60 pp. Paris, France. In Fre.
The demographic transitions of the island countries of the southwestern Indian Ocean that have occurred since 1945 are reviewed. The countries included are the Comoros, Mauritius, Reunion, and the Seychelles. Demographic trends are compared with those of Africa as a whole. The author also speculates on aspects of an island country's demographic development that may be attributable to its status as an island.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10041 Osorio, E. Contemporary demographic survey of Venezuela. [Presentacion geodemografica contemporanea de Venezuela.] Revista Geografica, No. 102, Jul-Dec 1985. 43-54 pp. Mexico City, Mexico. In Spa.
Current demographic trends in Venezuela are reviewed, based on data from the 1981 census. Topics covered include population growth, age structure, family characteristics, school-age population, foreign population, spatial distribution, labor force, and housing.
Correspondence: E. Osorio, Escuela Geografica, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Ciudad Universitaria Los Chaguaramos, Apdo. Postal 104 Caracas 1051, Venezuela. Location: Princeton University Library (PR).

54:10042 Paradysz, Jan. Multidimensional demography in Poland. [Demografia wielowymiarowa w Polsce.] Studia Demograficzne, No. 2/88, 1987. 131-41 pp. Warsaw, Poland. In Pol. with sum. in Eng; Rus.
The author describes current trends in demographic studies in Poland, including multistate demographic analysis as well as longitudinal and transversal analysis. In particular, descriptions are provided of work underway at three centers: the Poznan Academy of Economics, the Central School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw, and the Insitute of Geography and Spatial Organization in Warsaw. The author concludes by attempting to forecast future trends in multidimensional demography.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

54:10043 Rabusic, Ladislav. Some remarks concerning population developments in China. [Nekolik poznamek k populacnimu vyvoji v Cine.] Demografie, Vol. 29, No. 3, 1987. 262-9 pp. Prague, Czechoslovakia. In Cze.
Recent population trends in China are reviewed using data from a variety of published sources, including the 1985 Statistical Yearbook and the 1-in-1,000 fertility survey of 1982.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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