Volume 53 - Number 3 - Fall 1987

Q. Bibliographies, Directories, & Other Information Services

Bibliographies, catalogs, dictionaries, directories, thesauri, and other information services of general demographic concern, except for those bibliographies coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading.

53:30799 American Demographics Institute (Ithaca, New York). Guide to demographic data sources, 1986-87. 1986. vi, [180] pp. Ithaca, New York. In Eng.
This guide to demographic data sources in the United States is divided into five chapters. These concern federal agencies, state and local sources, private data companies, nonprofit organizations, and international sources.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30800 Bidegain, Gabriel; Casique, Irene; Espana, Luis. Human resources and bibliographies on the Venezuelan population. [Recursos humanos y bibliograficos sobre la poblacion venezolana.] Instituto de Investigaciones Economicas y Sociales Documento de Trabajo, No. 28, Sep 1986. 70 pp. Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Instituto de Investigaciones Economicas y Sociales: Caracas, Venezuela. In Spa.
These are the results of a 1985 questionnaire on human resources that was sent to persons working in the field of population, with the aim of determining the present status of studies concerning Venezuela. A brief outline of the respondents' characteristics is first provided. The next two sections are alphabetical lists by author; they contain bibliographic information on investigations and projects published in the past 10 years and on works in progress.
Publisher's address: Urb. Montalban, La Vega, Apartado 29068, Caracas 1021, Venezuela.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30801 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. Gruppo Nazionale di Coordinamento degli Studi Demografici (Rome, Italy). Research on the theme of family and fertility concluded and in progress, 1984-1986. [Ricerche in tema di famiglie e di fecondita concluse e in corso nel 1984-86.] 1987. 188 pp. Universita di Padova, Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche: Padua, Italy. In Ita.
This is a report from a forum held in Naples by the Italian National Research Council in October 1986 concerning research on the family and fertility in Italy. It provides details of completed and ongoing research for the period 1984-1986 based on 92 completed questionnaires, as well as indexes of the institutions and researchers involved. The report also includes a summary of the discussion that took place during the forum on these research projects.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30802 Indonesia. National Family Planning Coordinating Board. Center for Information and Documentation Network on Population and Family Planning (Jakarta, Indonesia). Abstract on population and family planning research. [Abstrak hasil penelitian bidang kependudukan keluarga berencana.] 1983. 172 pp. Jakarta, Indonesia. In Eng; Ind.
This report presents a summary of population and family planning research undertaken in Indonesia in 1983. It is one in a planned series of annual reports.
Location: U.N. ESCAP Regional Population Information Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.

53:30803 Kenya National Library Service. National Reference and Bibliographic Department (Nairobi, Kenya). Kenya population: annotated bibliography, 1975-85. Population in Africa: Country Bibliography Series/Population en Afrique: Series Bibliographiques par Pays, No. 1, Pub. Order No. RAF/84/P16. 1986. xvii, 158 pp. Economic Commission for Africa [ECA], Population Division, Population Information Network for Africa [POPIN-AFRICA]: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In Eng.
This is the first in a planned series of country bibliographies on population in Africa. This first report concerns the literature published between 1975 and 1985 on population in Kenya and related topics. The annotated bibliography is arranged by subject and alphabetically by author within subjects. Author, title and series, subject, and geographical indexes are provided. Information is also included on at least one location where each item cited can be found. In general, the subject scope of the bibliography is a broad one, covering a wide range of development issues in addition to primarily demographic topics.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30804 Mattila, Ulla-Maija. Bibliography of Finnish population research, 1985-1986. Yearbook of Population Research in Finland, Vol. 25, 1987. 77-88 pp. Helsinki, Finland. In Eng.
This is an unannotated bibliography covering literature on population research published in Finland in 1985 and 1986. "Included are independent publications, articles in periodicals and statistics published in Finland as well as publications on Finnish population questions published abroad....In principle the main divisions appearing in the Population Index have been used with added subdivisions better suiting Finnish circumstances."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30805 Medford, Roberta; Loh, Eudora. Online information on Hispanics and other ethnic groups: a survey of state agency databases. ISBN 0-915745-07-0. LC 86-22782. 1986. vi, 324 pp. Floricanto Press: Berkeley, California. In Eng.
This is a guide to databases developed by state agencies concerning Hispanics and other ethnic groups in the United States. It covers the eight states with the largest Hispanic populations. The information was collected by mail in 1985. The directory is organized by state, and a subject index is included. Information is included on the ethnic groups, geographic areas, time period, and subjects covered. Many of the data bases listed contain demographic data.
Location: New York Public Library.

53:30806 Unesco. Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Population Education Programme Service (Bangkok, Thailand). Information networking in population education. 1985. 98 pp. Bangkok, Thailand. In Eng.
This report is designed to encourage the development of information networks in Asia concerned with population education. The concept of an information network is first outlined, and the various types of networks that can be adopted by national programs are described. Reasons why countries with population education programs might wish to develop such a network are then considered. The criteria for membership in a network are listed, and the steps needed to establish a network are spelled out. Consideration is given to the different activities network members can undertake, with emphasis on delegation of functions to those agencies best equipped to handle them. The report concludes with a description of existing information networks in population and related fields.
Publisher's address: P.O. Box 1425, General Post Office, Bangkok 10500, Thailand.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30807 Valentei, D. I.; Burnashev, E. Yu. Literature on national population: alphabetical bibliography (1979 to the first half of 1983). [Literatura o narodonaselenii: bibliograficheskii ukazatel' (1979- pervaya polovina 1983 g.g.).] 1987. 287 pp. Mysl': Moscow, USSR. In Rus.
This is an unannotated bibliography of population literature published in the USSR between 1979 and the first half of 1983. Sections are included on general theoretical and methodological aspects of population; estimation techniques; population size, distribution, and structure; settlement and migration; marriage and family; population growth; longevity; projecting and modeling population movements; applied aspects of demography; economics; legislation; environment; war; social and health aspects; historical demography; population in foreign countries; conferences; and textbooks and educational materials.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30808 World Bank (Washington, D.C.). Population terminology. [Terminologie de la population/Terminologia de poblacion.] A World Bank Glossary, ISBN 0-8213-0762-2. LC 86-5645. Apr 1986. iii, 27 pp. Washington, D.C. In Eng; Fre; Spa.
This glossary contains terminology relating to population and demography and includes names of major organizations and conferences. It is in three sections; English-French-Spanish, French-English, and Spanish-English. Definitions for some terms are given in English in the first section.
Location: Population Council Library, New York, NY.

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