Volume 53 - Number 3 - Fall 1987

P. Professional Meetings and Conferences

Proceedings of professional meetings of general demographic concern, except for proceedings coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading. Items about conferences are also classified under this heading.

53:30794 Associacao Brasileira de Estudos Populacionais [ABEP] (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Proceedings of the Fifth National Conference on Population Studies, Aguas de Sao Pedro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 12-16, 1986. [Anais do V encontro nacional de estudos populacionais, Aguas de Sao Pedro-SP, 12 a 16 de Outubro de 1986.] 1986. xvi, 1,158 pp. Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Por.
This two-volume set contains the proceedings of the Fifth National Conference on Population Studies held in Brazil in 1986. Sessions are included on socioeconomic and demographic processes in historical perspective, including slavery, land and population, and research in progress; sexuality and reproduction; fertility and mortality; spatial mobility; labor force; population policy; and methods of demographic analysis, including the estimation of mortality and fertility, the evaluation and correction of inadequate data, and estimation of migration. Other sessions were devoted to vital statistics in Brazil, population information systems, population projection methodology, and contributed papers.
Publisher's address: Av. Casper Libero 464, 11o andar, 01033 Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30795 Associacao Brasileira de Estudos Populacionais [ABEP] (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Proceedings of the Fourth National Conference on Population Studies, Aguas de Sao Pedro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1984. [Anais Quarto Encontro Nacional Estudos Populacionais, aguas de Sao Pedro-SP, Brasil, 1984.] 1984. 2,400 pp. Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Por.
These are the proceedings of the Fourth National Conference on Population Studies, held in Brazil in 1984. They are in four volumes and contain the text of the papers presented as well as summaries of the discussions. This abstract is based on the contents of Volumes 2 through 4 only. They contain sessions on health and population, techniques of demographic analysis, population trends in a crisis situation, spatial distribution and urbanization, regional demographic differences and their determinants, and socioeconomic processes and demography in a historical perspective.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

53:30796 Benin. Institut National de la Statistique et de l'Analyse Economique (Cotonou, Benin). National seminar on the dissemination of the results of national demographic surveys undertaken in Benin between 1979 and 1983, Cotonou, September 1-4, 1986: a report on the seminar. [Seminaire national de dissemination des resultats des enquetes nationales demographiques realisees au Benin entre 1979 et 1983, Cotonou, 1-4 septembre 1986: rapport du seminaire.] [1986?]. 186 pp. Cotonou, Benin. In Fre.
These are the proceedings of a seminar designed to disseminate results of the 1979 census of Benin and two subsequent national demographic surveys. Separate consideration is given to the methodology of the census and surveys, economic activity and employment, nuptiality and fertility, households and housing, population projections, and economic development and population dynamics.
Publisher's address: B.P. 323, Cotonou, Benin.
Location: University of Pennsylvania, Demography Library, Philadelphia, PA.

53:30797 Bidegain Greising, Gabriel. The current status of population studies in Venezuela: the first national meeting of demographers and students of population, Caracas, September 24-26, 1986. [Estado actual de los estudios de la poblacion en Venezuela: primer encuentro nacional de demografos y estudiosos en poblacion, Caracas, del 24 al 26 de septiembre de 1986.] ISBN 960-6077-21-0. Jun 1987. 213 pp. Instituto Latinoamericano de Investigaciones Sociales [ILDIS]: Caracas, Venezuela; Universidad Catolica Andres Bello: Caracas, Venezuela. In Spa.
This collection of studies on various aspects of the population of Venezuela is a product of the first national population conference held in Caracas in 1986. The primary objective of the conference was to present a state-of-the-art report on population studies in Venezuela. Papers are included on the quality of demographic data available in Venezuela, internal migration, immigration, fertility, mortality, the labor force, employment and unemployment, and population policy.
Location: New York Public Library.

53:30798 Columbia University. Center for Population and Family Health [CPFH] (New York, New York); Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (Harare, Zimbabwe). Proceedings of a conference on community-based distribution and alternative delivery systems in Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe, November 3-7, 1986. [1987?]. vi, 136 pp. New York, New York. In Eng.
These are the proceedings of a conference on community-based programs and alternative delivery systems for family planning services in Africa, held in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1986. A selection of papers by various authors is included, describing developments in this area in Africa during the past five years.
For a summary report of this conference by Lynn Landman, published in 1987, see elsewhere in this issue.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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