Volume 52 - Number 4 - Winter 1986

J. Characteristics

Primarily references to descriptive studies. Official tabular material will be found under S. Official Statistical Publications . Items that are primarily analytical, but that also contain information on characteristics, will be found under K. Demographic and Economic Interrelations and Natural Resources or L. Demographic and Noneconomic Interrelations , as appropriate.

J.1. General Demographic Characteristics

Descriptive studies of populations according to various demographic characteristics, including age, sex, sex ratios, and marital status. Studies on demographic aging are also included.

52:40644 Alderson, Michael. An aging population--some demographic and health trends. Public Health, Vol. 100, No. 5, Sep 1986. 263-77 pp. London, England. In Eng.
The demographic changes that have occurred in England and Wales over the course of the twentieth century are described, with particular emphasis on the changes affecting the elderly. Consideration is given to changes in morbidity affecting the elderly. The data are from official sources. An attempt is made to project the elderly population over the next 40 years.
Location: New York Academy of Medicine.

52:40645 Canada. Quebec (Province). Bureau de la Statistique du Quebec (Quebec, Canada). Aged people in Quebec. [Les personnes agees au Quebec.] Statistiques Demographiques, ISBN 2-551-08727-9. 1986. 255 pp. Quebec, Canada. In Fre.
A review of the situation concerning the elderly in the province of Quebec, Canada, is presented. Chapters are included on demographic trends, spatial distribution, residential mobility, life-styles, labor force participation, cultural characteristics, income and household facilities, and health and use of health services.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40646 El-Badry, M. A. Aging in developing countries: one more population problem? CDC Working Paper, No. 13, 1986. 15 pp. Cairo Demographic Centre: Cairo, Egypt. In Eng.
The situation concerning demographic aging in developing countries is reviewed. The focus is on the expected growth in the numbers of the aged and the consequent need to provide adequate services for them.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40647 Frenkel, Izaslaw. Size and structure of the Polish peasant population, 1960-1982 (Part 2). [Dynamika i zmiany w strukturze demograficznej ludnosci chlopskiej w latach 1960-1982 (Cz. II).] Studia Demograficzne, No. 1/83, 1986. 13-51 pp. Warsaw, Poland. In Pol. with sum. in Eng; Rus.
The impact of farm size and income on the age and sex composition of the peasant population of Poland is analyzed using data from the 1960, 1970, and 1978 censuses and a 1982 sample census of the rural population. The results indicate that larger farms have younger populations. Consideration is also given to changes in occupations, particularly involving incomes from sources other than farming.
For Part 1, published in 1985, see 52:20583.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40648 Goldstein, Alice; Goldstein, Sidney. The challenge of an aging population: the case of the People's Republic of China. Research on Aging, Vol. 8, No. 2, Jun 1986. 179-99 pp. Beverly Hills, California. In Eng.
"Policymakers and demographers in China are cognizant of the implications of the one-child family policy for the eventual aging of their nation's population and are beginning to incorporate attention to the elderly into the economic and population policies being developed. A major stumbling block to the acceptance of the one-child family policy, especially in rural areas, has been fear about security in old age. As the one-child family becomes widely established, it will become increasingly difficult for the only child to support two elderly parents."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40649 Koopman-Boyden, Peggy G. Population ageing in New Zealand--some characteristics and policy implications. New Zealand Population Review, Vol. 12, No. 2, Jul 1986. 92-106 pp. Wellington, New Zealand. In Eng.
An analysis of demographic aging in New Zealand is presented. The author considers both present and probable future trends as well as their implications for social policy. Consideration is given to differences in life expectancy by sex, changes in the dependency burden, and health care costs.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40650 Krout, John A. The aged in rural America. Contributions to the Study of Aging, No. 5, ISBN 0-313-24511-8. LC 85-17740. 1986. xvi, 182 pp. Greenwood Press: New York, New York/London, England. In Eng.
"The purpose of this book is to document and analyze the status and experiences of the elderly living in rural environments and to investigate how they compare to those elderly living in more urbanized settings." The geographic focus is on the United States. A chapter is included on the demographic characteristics of the elderly, including consideration of their spatial distribution, migration, and population size.
Location: Princeton University Library (FST).

52:40651 Longino, Charles F. A state by state look at the oldest Americans. American Demographics, Vol. 8, No. 11, Nov 1986. 38-42 pp. Ithaca, New York. In Eng.
A review of available information concerning the U.S. population over age 85 is presented for each state and for the country as a whole. Data are primarily taken from the five-percent sample of individual census records available in computerized format from the 1980 census.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40652 McDaniel, Susan A. Canada's aging population. Perspectives on Individual and Population Aging, ISBN 0-409-84913-8. 1986. xix, 136 pp. Butterworths: Toronto, Canada. In Eng.
The causes and consequences of demographic aging in Canada are analyzed, with emphasis on the social patterns and issues involved. The nature and causes of demographic aging are first reviewed, and the measures used in describing it are compared. Next, the conceptual and research approaches used to study aging are described. The Canadian experience is then presented, and some contemporary issues, such as zero population growth, economic issues, mobility, and women's problems are discussed.
Policy issues in the areas of the economy, labor force, health, quality of life, and home and education are then introduced. The author concludes by considering possible future trends regarding demographic aging in Canada as well as some of their implications and the unanswered questions they pose.
Location: New York Public Library.

52:40653 Newman, Gerard; Klason, Allan; Kopras, Andrew. Comparisons of 1981 census characteristics: commonwealth electoral divisions (1984 boundaries). Legislative Research Service Basic Paper, No. 8, 1984. 108 pp. Department of the Parliamentary Library, Legislative Research Service: Canberra, Australia. In Eng.
"This paper provides an analysis of socio-demographic data from the 1981 Census of Population and Housing [of Australia] on an Electoral Division basis. Electoral Divisions shown are those resulting from the 1984 Redistribution of Commonwealth Electoral Division boundaries which increased the number of Electoral Divisions to 148." Data are included on total population, density, age distribution, religion, place of birth, employment and unemployment, labor force, educational status, and families and households.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40654 Penev, Goran; Kostic, Goran. The aging and feminization of the rural population in Serbia, excluding the autonomous provinces. [Starenje i feminizaci ja poljoprivrednog stanovnistva Srbije bez pokrajina.] Stanovnistvo, Vol. 22-23, No. 1-4, Jan-Dec 1984-1985. 115-29 pp. Belgrade, Yugoslavia. In Scr. with sum. in Fre.
The authors analyze the determinants and demographic consequences of the aging and feminization of the rural population of Serbia, excluding the autonomous provinces. Indicators of the aging of the population are given for the period 1961-1981, and data on sex distribution are given for the period 1953-1981. The consequences of these demographic processes include an increase in the mortality rate and a decrease in the birth rate.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40655 People's University of China. Demography Department. Student Survey Group (Beijing, China). Findings of a report on the population structure of rural market towns. Renkou Yanjiu, No. 4, Jul 29, 1985. 41-5 pp. Beijing, China. In Chi.
This report concerns a survey on the characteristics of the population of four villages in Shunji county, located near Beijing, China. The survey, which was carried out in 1984, covered 12,652 individuals. The results show that the population of adult age is increasing and that a general trend toward demographic aging can be identified. The sex ratio is particularly high in the working ages. Fertility is currently below replacement level.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40656 Piwko, Zofia. The demographic, social, and occupational distribution of the population. [Struktura demograficzna i spoleczno-zawodowa ludnosci.] Wiadomosci Statystyczne, Vol. 31, No. 3, Mar 1986. 2-6 pp. Warsaw, Poland. In Pol.
Some results from Poland's 1985 micro-census of population are presented. They concern population changes by age, sex, marital status, educational status, occupation, and income. The data are presented separately for rural and urban areas.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40657 Schick, Frank L. Statistical handbook on aging Americans. ISBN 0-89774-259-1. LC 85-43607. 1986. xviii, 294 pp. Oryx Press: Phoenix, Arizona. In Eng.
"This publication provides recent statistical data about the aging population in the United States." The data are from many sources, most of which are official government sources. The first section presents demographic data, including data on age and sex distribution, life expectancy, ethnic group, spatial distribution, migration, and veterans. Some comparative data from other countries are provided. Sections are also included on social characteristics, health aspects, employment, economic status, and expenditure.
Location: New York Public Library.

52:40658 Sly, David F.; Serow, William J. The component structure of elderly population growth in the Netherlands: 1950-1980. Center for the Study of Population Working Paper, No. WPS 87-33, [1986?]. 15, [2] pp. Florida State University, College of Social Sciences, Center for the Study of Population: Tallahassee, Florida. In Eng.
This study is concerned with the structural components of the demographic aging process in developed countries. The authors examine "the roles played by cohort succession and mortality in the process for the Netherlands during the period 1950 to 1980. While the size of the 65+ population has increased among both males and females, increases in the size of entering cohorts explain all of the growth in the older male population. Reductions in mortality at the older old ages play a much greater role than do reductions at younger old ages and...these reductions occur only among females."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40659 Yang, Shiquan. Changes in the elderly population and the elderly mortality of the Haimen county. Population Research, Vol. 3, No. 2, Apr 1986. 35-8, 27 pp. Beijing, China. In Eng.
"In this paper, trends of change in the size, composition, mortality, main causes of death, survival probability and average life expectancy of the elderly population aged 60 or over in Haimen County (an agricultural county with a population of 0.98 million, located on the north bank of the Yangtse Delta [China]) are described on the basis of investigated data on the population size, birth rate, fertility and mortality during the 16 year period from 1968 to 1983."
This is a translation of the Chinese article in Renkou Yanjiu (Beijing, China), No. 3, 1985.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

J.2. Biological Characteristics

Descriptive studies of menarche and menopause, longevity, and increasing the life span, as well as other biological characteristics such as sex selection. Studies that are concerned with menarche and menopause as they specifically affect fertility are coded under F.5. Factors Other Than Contraception Affecting Fertility .

52:40660 Everson, Richard B.; Sandler, Dale P.; Wilcox, Allen J.; Schreinemachers, Dina; Shore, David L.; Weinberg, Clarice. Effect of passive exposure to smoking on age at natural menopause. British Medical Journal, Vol. 293, No. 6550, Sep 27, 1986. 792 pp. London, England. In Eng.
The authors examine the impact of passive exposure to smoking on age at menopause using a study of 261 U.S. women aged 35 and over. "Data were analysed with the Kaplan-Meier procedure and conditional logistic regression by methods analogous to life table analysis of survival data in a clinical trial or cohort study....The Kaplan-Meier estimate of mean age at natural menopause was 49.7 years for smokers and 50.8 years for non-smokers. The mean ages in non-smokers whose spouses also did not smoke and non-smokers whose spouses smoked were 51.9 and 49.8 years respectively...."
According to the authors, "the findings thus suggest that there is an effect from passive smoking but do not justify the conclusion that effects of active and passive exposure are equivalent."
Location: Princeton University Library (SZ).

52:40661 Krotki, Karol J. Reported masculinity ratio in Pakistan: a triumph of anthropology and economics over biology. Pakistan Development Review, Vol. 24, No. 3-4, Autumn-Winter 1985. 267-303 pp. Islamabad, Pakistan. In Eng.
Reported sex ratios in Pakistan for the 1960s and 1970s are examined, and attempts at explaining the findings are presented. Available data, including census- and survey-reported sex ratios, are considered. Attention is given to sex ratios at birth, expected age-specific sex ratios, and implied versus reported sex ratios at death. Conclusions concerning sex differentials in mortality at selected ages are summarized. In a final section, the author considers the relationship of sex ratios to sex roles. Comments by Syeda Abida Hussain are included (pp. 298-303).
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40662 Wang, Xingfa. Analysis on sex structure of China's population. Population Research, Vol. 3, No. 2, Apr 1986. 28-34 pp. Beijing, China. In Eng.
The author examines the sex distribution of China's population for the years 1949-1982. Sex ratios and changes in them over time are compared among various regions and municipalities and for different age groups. Attention is given to differentials in male and female mortality at various ages.
This is a translation of the Chinese article in Renkou Yanjiu (Beijing, China), No. 5, 1985.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40663 Weller, Robert H.; Serow, William J. The feminization of America. In: American Statistical Association, 1985 proceedings of the Social Statistics Section. [1985]. 246-51 pp. American Statistical Association: Washington, D.C. In Eng.
The authors examine changes in U.S. sex ratios since 1880 and discuss the possible effects of low fertility levels, changes in racial and ethnic structure, and age-specific changes in mortality on future sex ratios. Tabular data are included on sex ratios by age and race, 1880-1980; sex ratios by age and nativity of the white population, 1930-1950; and projected sex ratios by race under alternative fertility assumptions, 1982-2025.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40664 Zabin, Laurie S.; Smith, Edward A.; Hirsch, Marilyn B.; Hardy, Janet B. Ages of physical maturation and first intercourse in black teenage males and females. Demography, Vol. 23, No. 4, Nov 1986. 595-605 pp. Washington, D.C. In Eng.
The relationship between age of puberty and age of first coitus among males is explored using data for 1,134 male and female high school students in an inner-city, black U.S. population. "Using age at first wet dream and age at menarche as markers, it tests hypotheses relating social, normative, and individual maturational pressures to intercourse; results suggest that biological pressures are strongest for early maturers. Data collected by self-administered questionnaires from 9th-12th graders are utilized. Implications for programs and research, nationally and internationally, are discussed."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

J.3. Economic Characteristics

Descriptive studies of income differentials, earnings, career mobility, and other economic characteristics if allocated according to demographic groups. Analytical studies are classified under K.1.1. General Economic Development and Population , and studies concerned with employment and labor force are classified under K.3. Employment and Labor Force Participation .

52:40665 Burkhauser, Richard; Holden, Karen C.; Myers, Daniel A. Marital disruption and poverty: the role of survey procedures in artificially creating poverty. Demography, Vol. 23, No. 4, Nov 1986. 621-31 pp. Washington, D.C. In Eng.
"The economic well-being of widows is a growing public concern. Though widowhood undoubtedly precipitates major changes in economic well-being, we show that its role in increasing poverty, especially in the short term, may be seriously overstated by traditional data-collection methods. Using longitudinal [U.S.] data that allow us to follow women as wives and widows, we find that the income of husbands is systematically excluded from the income reported by women widowed during or after the income reference year. This exclusion not only exaggerates the rise in poverty immediately following widowhood but also overstates the percentage of widows who leave poverty in the next reporting period."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40666 Nelissen, Jan. Age and income in the Netherlands. Department of Sociology Working Paper Series, No. 9, Sep 1986. 18 pp. Tilburg University, Department of Sociology: Tilburg, Netherlands. In Eng.
"The aim of this article is to give a picture of and to explain the developments in the age-income profile in the Netherlands. In the first section, the focus is on developments in the distribution of age groups over quintiles [of income]. Next the age-income profile is analysed....Age-income profiles for different birth-generations are deduced, an approach which yields a more differentiated picture. By means of a so-called APC [Age-Period-Cohort] model the changes in the age-income profiles are interpreted."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40667 Yadava, K. N. S.; Singh, S. R. J.; Singh, R. B. Inter-generational occupational mobility and population heterogeneity: a statistical analysis. Janasamkhya, Vol. 3, No. 1-2, Jun-Dec 1985. 51-65 pp. Kariavattom, India. In Eng.
"In the present paper an attempt is made to study the inter-generational occupational mobility in three types of developing villages [in India] that are heterogeneous in many socio-economic and other aspects. The specific objectives of this study are: (i) to study the overall occupational mobility of fathers-sons and to find out the predicted equilibrium structure, (ii) to find the waiting time (number of generations) that sons will stay in their fathers' occupational state before moving to other ones and (iii) to test the hypothesis of identical class structures in these three types of heterogeneous societies."
The data are from a 1978 sample survey, and "the basic simple time-homogeneous Markov Chain model by Prais (1955) is employed...."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

J.4. Social Characteristics

Descriptive studies of populations according to literacy and educational attainment, cultural background, religious affiliation, residential characteristics and segregation, and the like. Studies on social mobility are also coded under this heading.

52:40668 Compton, Paul A.; Power, John P. Estimates of the religious composition of Northern Ireland local government districts in 1981 and change in the geographical pattern of religious composition between 1971 and 1981. Economic and Social Review, Vol. 17, Jan 1986. 87-105 pp. Dublin, Ireland. In Eng.
"The religious composition recorded in the 1981 census...[of Northern Ireland] is unreliable because of the non-enumeration of individuals and non-response to the census question on religion. Two methods are described in the paper to correct for these distorting effects--a simple bivariate regression technique and a technique based on homogeneous enumeration districts--which are then used to produce corrected population estimates by religion for local government districts for 1981. These figures are compared with similar estimates for 1971 to infer the broad regional pattern of change in religious composition between 1971 and 1981."
Location: Princeton University Library (PF).

52:40669 Mare, Robert D.; Chen, Meichu D. Further evidence on sibship size and educational stratification. American Sociological Review, Vol. 51, No. 3, Jun 1986. 403-20 pp. Washington, D.C. In Eng.
The authors critically assess the results of a 1985 study by Judith Blake, which was concerned with the effects of father's schooling on son's schooling, given various sibship sizes. The authors argue that "the effects of father's schooling and sibship size are mainly additive and invariant over cohorts. Apparent interactions between father's schooling and sibship size result from differences in mean educational attainment among sibship size groups rather than from any important differences in the association between father's and son's schooling."
They further assert that "the censored regression (Tobit) model, which takes account of ceiling and floor effects on educational attainment, is a useful tool for investigating the effects of socioeconomic background on grades of school completed within the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary parts of the educational career." The geographic focus is on the United States.
A reply by Blake (pp. 413-7) and a rejoinder by the authors (pp. 418-20) are also included.
For the article by Blake, published in 1985, see 52:10619.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40670 Sarkar, B. N. Socio-demographic characteristics of eligible couples in rural areas around Patna. Janasamkhya, Vol. 3, No. 1-2, Jun-Dec 1985. 29-50 pp. Kariavattom, India. In Eng.
Social and demographic characteristics of the rural population around Patna in Bihar State and around Calcutta in West Bengal are examined and compared. The data are for a sample from the 26th round of the National Sample Survey of India. Particular attention is given to the population characteristics of acceptors of sterilization. Educational attainment and school enrollment are assessed by caste.
It is found that the "educational levels of backward social groups are not improving in rural Bihar. The enrolment levels were 34.0 percent, 17.5 percent, 10 percent and 4.3 percent for High Caste Hindus, Other Hindus, Muslims, and Scheduled Caste Hindus respectively. Females in rural Bihar are married at lower ages than those in West Bengal. [The] majority of the vasectomy acceptors were illiterate and Muslims were the lowest acceptors of sterilization. Only 6.1 percent of the couples are found to be protected by sterilisation."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40671 Wilson, Thomas C. Community population size and social heterogeneity: an empirical test. American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 91, No. 5, Mar 1986. 1,154-69 pp. Chicago, Illinois. In Eng.
The author uses 1980 survey data for the United States to test the hypothesis that "community size leads to heterogeneity in values and attitudes that compose the sets of cultural elements of a subculture....An independent size-heterogeneity relationship is found for political and sexual attitudes....It is concluded that community size does increase social heterogeneity, but, consistent with subcultural theory, the relationship is restricted to subcultural elements."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPIA).

J.5. Ethnic Characteristics

Descriptive studies of populations on the basis of race, ethnic group, language, and national origin.

52:40672 Bastien, Andre. Haitians in Montreal: demographic and spatial evolution. [La presence haitienne a Montreal: evolution demographique et spatiale.] Cahiers Quebecois de Demographie, Vol. 14, No. 2, Oct 1985. 241-57 pp. Montreal, Canada. In Fre. with sum. in Eng; Spa.
"Analysing demographic characteristics over a given period may be useful in explaining the spatial distribution of ethnic groups in an urban environment. This paper first presents the main aspects of the demographic evolution of Quebec's Haitian population during the 1971-1981 period. It then analyses the evolution of the spatial distribution of this population in the Montreal region. It finally tries to show the interrelations between both evolutions."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40673 Castonguay, Charles. Linguistic transfers and semi-transfers in Quebec according to the 1981 census. [Transferts et semi-transferts linguistiques au Quebec d'apres le recensement de 1981.] Cahiers Quebecois de Demographie, Vol. 14, No. 1, Apr 1985. 59-85 pp. Montreal, Canada. In Fre. with sum. in Eng; Spa.
An analysis of linguistic transfers in the Canadian province of Quebec is presented using 1981 census data. The author concludes that contrary to earlier reports from Statistics Canada, there has been a net anglicization of the French-speaking population, particularly among those under 25 years of age. Consideration is given to the phenomenon of bilingualism in the home.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40674 Di Comite, Luigi. Tunisian immigration into Italy: some census data. [L'immigration tunisienne en Italie: quelques donnees censitaires.] Studi Emigrazione/Etudes Migrations, Vol. 23, No. 82-83, Jun-Sep 1986. 217-27 pp. Rome, Italy. In Fre.
Data from the 1981 census of Italy are analyzed to determine the regional distribution and the age and sex structure for a group of 9,028 Tunisian migrants living in Italy. A special section on Tunisians in Sicily is also included.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40675 Federici, Nora. Difficulties and problems related to research on the foreign population in Italy. [Difficolta e problemi di ricerche sul campo relative alla presenza straniera in Italia.] Studi Emigrazione/Etudes Migrations, Vol. 23, No. 82-83, Jun-Sep 1986. 315-21 pp. Rome, Italy. In Ita.
The author discusses difficulties involved in research concerning the foreign population residing in Italy. Aspects considered include organization, financing, and compiling and coordinating results from different agencies.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40676 Giacomello, Paola. A study of the demographic behavior of the foreign population: methodological aspects and foreigners' experiences. [Studio del comportamento demografico della popolazione straniera: aspetti metodologici ed esperienze straniere.] Studi Emigrazione/Etudes Migrations, Vol. 23, No. 82-83, Jun-Sep 1986. 251-8 pp. Rome, Italy. In Ita.
The author discusses two categories of demographic measurement that can be used to study the distinguishing characteristics of a country's foreign population. The first category pertains to data that can be obtained from censuses concerning structural characteristics such as age, marital status, legitimacy, infant mortality, and place of birth. The second category concerns data that can be derived from various other sources and includes such items as life expectancy and general fertility rate. The author also examines the usefulness of these methods for studying the foreign population in Italy given experiences with the methods used in other countries.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40677 Henripin, Jacques. The floating-language population of Quebec and linguistic mobility. [Les Quebecois dont la langue est flottante et la mobilite linguistique.] Cahiers Quebecois de Demographie, Vol. 14, No. 1, Apr 1985. 87-98 pp. Montreal, Canada. In Fre. with sum. in Eng; Spa.
Problems concerning the study of linguistic mobility between French-speaking and English-speaking population groups in the Canadian province of Quebec are discussed. The methodology used by Statistics Canada to record linguistic transfers is criticized, and alternative ways to study this phenomenon are proposed.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40678 Lachapelle, Rejean. Linguistic composition: reality and perception. [La composition linguistique: realite et perception.] Cahiers Quebecois de Demographie, Vol. 14, No. 1, Apr 1985. 111-8 pp. Montreal, Canada. In Fre. with sum. in Eng; Spa.
"This paper tries to show how, on the basis of quite acceptable assumptions, it is possible to estimate with existing data on language use in Canada, the perception individuals have of linguistic reality."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40679 Lichter, Daniel T.; Heaton, Tim B. Black composition and change in the nonmetropolitan South. Rural Sociology, Vol. 51, No. 3, Fall 1986. 343-53 pp. Bozeman, Montana. In Eng.
"This paper documents patterns of racial change in the nonmetropolitan South during 1950-1980. Based on population counts from the 1950-1980 decennial censuses, our results reveal considerable racial change in [U.S.] southern nonmetropolitan counties, although the magnitude of change pales in comparison to recent shifts in racial composition in northern central cities and suburbs."
The authors also find "little evidence of widely fluctuating differences between nonmetropolitan counties in changes in racial composition. Finally, racial change in the nonmetropolitan South, unlike that in northern cities, has occurred largely in the context of overall growth rather than population decline."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40680 Manese, Guido. Birth and matrimony of foreign citizens in Italy. [Nascite e matrimoni di cittadini stranieri in Italia.] Studi Emigrazione/Etudes Migrations, Vol. 23, No. 82-83, Jun-Sep 1986. 228-41 pp. Rome, Italy. In Ita.
A group of 1,030 children of foreign women living in or around Rome, Italy, are classified according to place of birth (public institution or private dwelling) and legitimacy and by parents' educational level, economic and professional status, citizenship, residence, and age at marriage.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40681 Massicot, Simone. The effects on French nationality of granting independence to former French colonies. [Effets sur la nationalite francaise de l'accession a l'independance de territoires ayant ete sous la souverainete francaise.] Population, Vol. 41, No. 3, May-Jun 1986. 533-46 pp. Paris, France. In Fre. with sum. in Eng; Spa.
The different processes established in the former French colonies at independence concerning the right to acquire French nationality are described.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40682 Paille, Michel. Demographic-linguistic aspects of future trends in the population of Quebec. [Aspects demolinguistiques de l'avenir de la population du Quebec.] Conseil de la Langue Francaise Notes et Documents, No. 53, ISBN 2-550-16385-0. 1986. 71 pp. Conseil de la Langue Francaise: Quebec City, Canada. In Fre.
The consequences of current and future demographic trends in the Canadian province of Quebec for the future of the French language in North America are examined. The linguistic aspects of current demographic trends in the province are first summarized. The implications for language trends of the major demographic variables, mortality, fertility, immigration, and interprovincial migration, are then considered separately. The phenomenon of linguistic mobility and knowledge of French are also considered. Finally, future population projections by linguistic group are given, and the policy options available to affect linguistic trends are reviewed.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40683 Tas, R. F. J. Changes of nationality, 1985. [Wijzigingen van nationaliteit, 1985.] Maandstatistiek van de Bevolking, Vol. 34, No. 9, Sep 1986. 42-54 pp. Voorburg, Netherlands. In Dut. with sum. in Eng.
Trends in the number of individuals obtaining Dutch nationality other than by birth during the period 1977-1985 are reviewed. The impact of legislative changes adopted in 1985, which made it easier for individuals to obtain Dutch nationality, is noted.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40684 Termote, Marc; Gauvreau, Danielle. The demographic behavior of linguistic groups in Quebec during the period 1976-1981. A multi-regional analysis. [Le comportement demographique des groupes linguistiques au Quebec pendant la periode 1976-1981. Une analyse multiregionale.] Cahiers Quebecois de Demographie, Vol. 14, No. 1, Apr 1985. 31-58 pp. Montreal, Canada. In Fre. with sum. in Eng; Spa.
"The purpose of this paper is to analyse simultaneously, according to what is known as the multiregional approach, the interactions between fertility, migration and mortality, for each of the main linguistic groups of Quebec [Canada]. Results show that, on the basis of the demographic regime observed between 1976 and 1981, while migration probably has reduced regional disparities in fertility and mortality behavior, it also has markedly amplified the demographic impact of linguistic disparities in this behavior."
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40685 Tremblay, Marc; Bourbeau, Robert. Mortality and fertility according to linguistic group in Quebec, 1976 and 1981. [La mortalite et la fecondite selon le groupe linguistique au Quebec, 1976 et 1981.] Cahiers Quebecois de Demographie, Vol. 14, No. 1, Apr 1985. 7-30 pp. Montreal, Canada. In Fre. with sum. in Eng; Spa.
Mortality and fertility differences in the Canadian province of Quebec for 1976 and 1981 are analyzed using data from official Canadian and Quebec sources, supplemented by other sources for 1976. Separate consideration is given to the French-speaking, the English-speaking, and those speaking other languages as their first language. The results show that life expectancies are lowest for the French-speaking, while their fertility is lower than that of groups speaking neither French nor English and higher than that of the English-speaking population.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

52:40686 Tribalat, Michele. The foreign population in France. [La population etrangere en France.] Regards sur l'Actualite, No. 118, Feb 1986. 33-44 pp. Paris, France. In Fre.
A review of changes in the foreign population resident in France during the course of the twentieth century is presented. Attention is focused on the characteristics of the foreign population between 1975 and 1982, including legal status, place of birth, age distribution, country of origin, labor force participation, and fertility. Possible future trends are briefly examined.
Location: Princeton University Library (SF).

52:40687 Veltman, Calvin. Quebec's language policy and the behavior of young Quebecers of Greek and Portuguese origin. [La politique linguistique quebecoise et le comportement des jeunes Quebecois d'origine grecque et portugaise.] Cahiers Quebecois de Demographie, Vol. 14, No. 1, Apr 1985. 99-109 pp. Montreal, Canada. In Fre. with sum. in Eng; Spa.
"This paper briefly presents the results of surveys made in 1983 and 1984 within the Greek and Portuguese communities of Montreal [Canada], in order to investigate the reaction of these two groups with respect to policy measures directing their children towards the French school system. Results show that, among Greeks, legislation did not markedly affect the privileged place of English, while among Portuguese, who previously were already much more French-oriented, the main impact of these policy measures seems to have been a decline in the knowledge of English among the young."
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52:40688 Yang, Yixin. The current population status and family planning of national minorities. Population Research, Vol. 3, No. 1, Jan 1986. 39-44 pp. Beijing, China. In Eng.
The author discusses several aspects of China's national minority populations. Topics include the reasons for the growth of these groups between 1978 and 1982, the impact of environmental and economic conditions on minority population growth between 1949 and 1982, the effect of minority cultural customs regarding marriage and the value of male children on population growth and quality, and attitudes toward family planning.
This is a translation of the Chinese article in Renkou Yanjiu (Beijing, China), No. 4, 1984 (see Population Index 52:30679).
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