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The following papers are available in electronic versions.

Format Item
PDF Anderson, Barbara A., Kalev Katus, and Brian D. Silver -- "Developments and Prospects for Population Statistics in Countries of the Former Soviet Union" (Population Index, Volume 60, No. 1, 1994)
HTML Gryn, Thomas A.-- "Internet Resources for Demographers" (Population Index, Volume 63, No. 3, 1997)
HTML Simon, Julian L.--"A Comment on Rothman and Espenshade"; and Espenshade, Thomas J.--"Reply to Simon" (Population Index, Volume 61, No. 3, 1995)
HTML Weed, James A.-- "Vital Statistics in the United States: Preparing for the Next Century" (Population Index, Volume 61, No. 4, 1995)

You will need Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader 4.0 in order to view the PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. The reader is freely available for downloading here.

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