Volume 63 - Number 2 - Summer 1997

I. Historical Demography and Demographic History

Studies dealing with the demographic events of any given period from the early historical up to World War I.

I.1. General Historical Demography

Comprehensive surveys, notes of sources, and items on the state of research. Particularly concerned with the period before modern vital registration was introduced and censuses were taken. Historical items that primarily pertain to one specific demographic variable are classified first under the specific heading and then cross-referenced to this heading.

63:20329 Cammeli, Andrea; Camporese, Sabrina; Rossi, Fiorenzo. The population of a rural community in Paduan Altichiero, 1700-1900. [La popolazione di una comunità rurale del Padovano Altichiero, 1700-1900.] Materiali di Demografia Storica, Nov 1996. v, 245 pp. Cooperativa Libraria Editrice Università di Padova [CLEUP]: Padua, Italy. In Ita.
Data from the Venetian Republic's Anagrafi and other ecclesiastical sources are used to reconstruct population trends from 1700 to 1900 in a rural Italian parish near Padua. There are chapters on the sources of data, population characteristics and trends, marriages, births, deaths, the demographic system, and the social history.
Correspondence: Cooperativa Libraria Editrice Università di Padova, Via G. Prati 19, 35122 Padua, Italy. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

63:20330 Lee, James Z.; Campbell, Cameron D. Fate and fortune in rural China: social organization and population behavior in Liaoning 1774-1873. Cambridge Studies in Population, Economy and Society in Past Time, No. 31, ISBN 0-521-58119-2. LC 96-19232. 1997. xxi, 280 pp. Cambridge University Press: New York, New York/Cambridge, England. In Eng.
This study is about the social and population history of late traditional China and is based on data from local and household registers. The authors "use the example of Liaoning to demonstrate the interaction between demographic and other social pressures, and to illustrate graphically the nature of social mobility and social organization in rural China over the course of the century from 1774 to 1873. Their conclusion--that social norms rooted in ideology, determined demographic performance--is supported by a mass of hitherto inaccessible primary data. The authors show how the Chinese state articulated two different principles of social hierarchy--heredity and ability--through two different social organizations: households and banners. These different boundary conditions, each the explicit creation of the state, gave rise to contrasting demographic behavior."
Correspondence: Cambridge University Press, Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 2RU, England. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

63:20331 Reay, Barry. Microhistories: demography, society and culture in rural England, 1800-1930. Cambridge Studies in Population, Economy and Society in Past Time, No. 30, ISBN 0-521-57028-X. LC 95-26140. 1996. xxv, 288 pp. Cambridge University Press: New York, New York/Cambridge, England. In Eng.
The technique of family reconstitution is applied to data on the Blean area of Kent, England, to examine some of the more important societal changes that have occurred in the modern Western world over the course of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The author combines cultural, demographic, economic, and social history approaches to examine a wide range of topics, including fertility, health, the family, and sexual behavior. "He extends the parameters of the fertility transition, sketches out a medical-social history of nineteenth-century rural England, charts the contours of family labour and the complexities of class, questions orthodoxies about kinship and the nuclear family, and explores the contexts of Victorian sexuality and the meanings of popular literacy."
Correspondence: Cambridge University Press, Pitt Building, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RP, England. Location: Princeton University Library (FST).

I.2. Methods of Historical Demography

Applications of demographic methodology to the records of the past. Relevant items are coded here and, if of more general interest than to historical demography alone, are cross-referenced to N. Methods of Research and Analysis Including Models.

63:20332 Balland, Gérard; Bellis, Gil; De Braekeleer, Marc; Depoid, Françoise; Lefebvre, Monique; Séguy, Isabelle. Genealogies and family reconstitution: an analysis of needs. [Généalogies et reconstitutions de familles: analyse des besoins.] INED Dossiers et Recherches, No. 54, Nov 1996. [45] pp. Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques [INED]: Paris, France. In Fre.
This manual describes the methods of family reconstitution as developed by researchers at INED. Consideration is given to the application of such methods to the analysis of data from multi-round surveys, data on population genetics, and historical demographic data.
Correspondence: Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques, 27 rue du Commandeur, 75675 Paris Cedex 14, France. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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