Volume 62 - Number 2 - Summer 1996

Q. Bibliographies, Directories, and Other Information Services

Bibliographies, catalogs, dictionaries, directories, thesauri, and other information services of general demographic concern, except for those bibliographies coded under the specific topic discussed and cross-referenced to this heading.

62:20806 Miller, Janice; Bahamon, Claire. Family planning management terms: a pocket glossary in three languages. ISBN 0-913723-34-7. 1995. viii, 270 pp. Management Sciences for Health: Newton, Massachusetts. In Eng.
"The purpose of this glossary is to improve the understanding of management terms and practices used in managing family planning programs and to promote a common working vocabulary among managers around the world. Each section...is organized in the same way, beginning with the full glossary of terms and definitions, listed alphabetically in the relevant language, and including the appropriate foreign-language equivalents of each term. The glossary of terms is followed by a list of only the terms and their foreign-language equivalents, and ends with a bibliography of family planning glossaries."
Correspondence: Management Sciences for Health, 400 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02158. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

62:20807 United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA] (New York, New York). Inventory of population projects in developing countries around the world, 1994. 21st ed. ISBN 0-89714-050-8. LC 76-641286. [1995]. xv, 684 pp. New York, New York. In Eng.
This is the twenty-first edition of this inventory. It lists externally assisted population projects and programs that have been funded, initiated, or implemented by international organizations in developing countries. The first and main section lists these by country, and includes selected information on demographic indicators and population policies. The second section lists regional, interregional, and global projects. A third section lists the sources for the information provided.
For a previous edition concerning 1993, see 60:40812.
Correspondence: United Nations Population Fund, 220 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

62:20808 Zimmerman, Michael F. Association for Population/Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers--International (APLIC-I) union list of serials. APLIC Special Publication, No. 7, ISBN 0-933438-22-2. LC 95-3107. 1995. viii, 403 pp. Association for Population/Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers--International [APLIC]: New York, New York. In Eng.
This is a list of the serial holdings of 24 APLIC member associations in North America. The list was compiled in 1993-1994. "The intent was not merely to create a printed listing of holdings, but to set up an electronic database of serials information, holdings, and publisher information which could be easily revised and updated for future editions."
Correspondence: Association for Population/Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers--International, c/o Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception, International Programs Division, 79 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).

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